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How to break your wrist


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o cum on!!!!

no comments ???!!!! :p


How do you do the chair one? I need help!

lol, i tried the bunk bed one. it worked. i broke my left wrist. to bad im right-handed :(. anyway, i got another way. fall off ur bike. ( i broke my leg by doin this coz the bike landed on it… HARD. it hurt alot. lol.)


im gonna add your idea but could you plz give me more detail…

if you have friends, plz tell them about this how to cuz i want to have a ton of comments!!!

omg a just done that about three hours ago and a broke not just my wrist but my elbow too :( xxx it was really sore !

which method did u use?

sassysabrina wants to be a mermaid!!!!

i could never do that. i felt quzy looking at ur pic.

ha ha (in a good way)

(This comment was deleted.)

i broke my wrist when i was in 6th grade, i did not cry. i want to break it again because i have orchestra and my teacher is a big you know what, so this is helpful thanks you

tee hee, i know what.

– ) bye!

how did you break your wrist????

(This comment was deleted.)

this didnt work.. done it loads of time.. and failed..

none of these worked for me how did you do the chair one i tried it but it didnt work ugh:(

i know im so mad!

i tried the chair over and over again and i doesnt work ugh

ok so what you do is sit in a chair. put your arm around the back and hold on. Hold in so that your lower palm and your arm hangs off.
Pull yourself up and only use that wrist

i trrried!

i keeep doing this over and over again.
it doesn’t work!
i mean i can feel pain when i do it but it doesn’t really work.
i’m still alittle confused though…
should the end of your palm thats hanging off be on the side of the chair that your sitting in or tthe outside?!

thanks sooo much (:

lol ima do da bunkbed thing lol den da falling does it hurt???

it’s not the falling that hurts, its the sudden stop at the end :)


im mad!

i cant do that chair thing no matter how many times or what chair i use! im so mad any more tips? sorry im trying to get out of swimming. and falling on it doesnt work either because im too scared lol

I broke my wrist when someone ran into me, and fell back and landed on my wrist awkwardly. I’m trying to do it again though without waking my parents. lol!

When I was 10 years old i brock my wrist at the skating rink i was going around a coiner to fast and fell with my wrist bent, i had to get a cast.

Hi i just broke my wrist hitting it wth a hammer i havent gone to doc yet but cand mov it or put weight on it if u wanna break ur wrist on a hamer you have to hit it very very hard i dont recemend this thou
good luck

wait once or how many times?????????HELP!!!!!!!!!!

I just broke my wrist using the chair thing it didnt even hurt

How did you do it? I can’t figure it out…

Dude.. how? i tried alot of times but failed..
hw long did u hold there?

i really want to brake my wrist but i need some help im going to try this tonight tho.

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