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How to turn into a mermaid


hollylolly318 is bored

like u can really change into a mermaid just by thinking about it. please. SO FAKE!

mermaidcleo16 is waiting for someone to give her a real working spell!

i think....

i think you can if YOU dont then you dont have fath in other mermaids meaning you will never become one with that aditode!!!!! thats right im on her side i believe!!!!!!!!!!!

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(This comment was deleted.)

Brittany Jones I want to be a mermaid.I want it to be a life commitment mermaid/human

Help please

I believe thatmermaids are real.I want to be a mermaid but I have a problem.I live in a city where it is sunny occasionally but it rains alot too.Anyone know any spells that you can control when you turn???
If you do that would be really helpful.

(This comment was deleted.)

purplemermaid12 is becoming a mermaid

Help is on the Way

did you try this:

Moonlight Moonlight you make me want to scream

Moonlight Moonlight you make me want to beam

You wake up at nightime

You go away at dawn

Moonlight Moonlight please don’t go
* * *

i think you have to do this when the moon is full but i’m not sure.

purplemermaid12 is becoming a mermaid


when you get out of the water do you change back to normal?

Brittany Jones I want to be a mermaid.I want it to be a life commitment mermaid/human


Does that spell make is so you turn when you want to not went you get wet???
How long does it take till you get your tail??
Do you get a power or not?

aurora2love becoming a mermaid slowly

2 spells

if i did the insouciant spell can i do this one two or should i wait

can you tell me the spells

help me i want to be a mermaid

i have tried evry spell to be a memaid but none of them bloody work ive spent nearly two dayz lokking for a spell wat actually works

my guess is...

so my guess is that you have to be COMPLETELY alone and think hard about turning into or thinking about mermaids then the next day your a mermaid.

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