How to steal from walmart


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reply " I stole money from walmart"

This scam is soooo old. Its in a movie called “paper moon”. Where they write happybirthday on the $100 bill. I would be careful, but I am dying 2 try it. :p.
Good luck with all who try!!!!!!!

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Lol i managed to steal well over $500 of yugioh cards in 1 trip at walmart. Managed to find the garbage a week later where i left it XD

Books and stuff

Ok ive stolen about 500 pokemon cards 10 books and i do it right in the card isle someone walks by act like i am looking at candy.NEVER take stuff completly in the package if you look theres somethin on the botton left that sez security take it out of package and put it in your shoe.Dont be nervis alarm wont go off.For books just by somethin like candy take the bag find a book put it in tell your parents you bought it then put the bag in your parents buggy.THEY WILL CHECK FOR RECEIPT IF YOU WALK THROUGH THROUGH THE DOOR WITH THE BAG AND BOOK PUT IN BUGGY.

10 padlocks

me and my friends have a lockpicking hobby. so i go to Walmart to get some padlocks. I find one walk to a camera less isle, rip the lock off of the cardboard by twisting it. then you get the keys. shove it in your pocket, repeat. I sold them for half their worth and netted $50 per trip lolz too easy


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