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How To Be More Outgoing

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How to be more social


pollotropical Listening to research presentations @school... MOSQUITOS!

How did you balance this with other responsibilities (school, work, etc.)

Dreamer7787 - "Here I stand and here I stay. Let the storm rage on."

I look at it as trying to be social was (and is) an almost 24/7 deal. You can take opportunities to be social at work. Talk to your co-workers even if it’s just for a few minutes to be like “Hey how are you?” School work can be the same thing. A lot of schools require group work, so instead of just sitting silently by working hard, interact with classmates.

The hanging out with people can be a tricky thing to balance (and it was made easier for me by the fact that I started going really gung-ho with it in the summer). I’m trying to figure that out now that schools back in session. If you have a core group of friends, try having one night a week set aside for just hanging out. During the summer me and my friends were doing Kan Jam Wednesdays. At 7pm every Wednesday we’d all get together to either play this game called Kan Jam, or if it was raining we’d watch a movie or play board games. Right now we’re trying to find a new night that works for everyone.

Good luck! :)

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