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How to learn to be happy with myself


SuperSuzy is being happy with myself no matter what!

Dear Roshni.

Thanks for your helpful story.
I have just decided to be happy with myself, no matter what as I have gotten tired of living up to my and others’ expectations.
I know that I am a lovely, creative and adventurous person and my goal in my life is to live every day the way I want to live it.
No matter what people think!
Your description of maturity made me realize that the only person who is responsible for his / her own happiness is me.
Thanks again.

CaribbeanBreeze Learning to live authentically

Brilliant! :)

That is one hard road to journey down. I’m doing my best to walk it and I too have a supportive man walking it with me and inspiring me. I give you props as facing demons is never easy but you have to to work out if they are you, or not you, or who put them there etc. Good for you though for pushing through all the negative and embracing who you are and being yourself. You are to be admired and are an inspiration!

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