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Dragon Con 2009

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How to go to Dragon*Con 2009


truthsayer226 “Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

what was dragon con like?

How can you stop the post without telling? Inquiring minds want to know! LOL

ATLfemme is an Extroverted Self-Knowing Money Manager

D*C 2009 was absolutely amazing

Picture 30k people, at least 75% of whom have and use actual thinking, working brains; a clear passion for life; and demonstrable creativity.

Add in four straight days of multiple interesting tracks full of content with topics of discussion that range from hard science through to the most fantastic of fantasy.

Throw in myriads of highly creative costumes that clearly required massive engineering, planning, design and execution.

Stir in Southern graciousness, which keeps many people from the overt rudeness that could otherwise be common in large crowds.

What was DragonCon like? It was all of that, and more. It was amazing and life affirming and gloriously fun and fabulously thought provoking.

beams and in trying to describe it to you, I’ve rekindled the memory for myself – and am now blissed out all over again. So, thank you for asking!

truthsayer226 “Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

i have to go next year!

I’ve been to a scifi con in Richmond but didn’t find out about Atlanta until it was too late to plan. Did you get to meet any special writers or tv stars?

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