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rockwilder is a self-knowing creative romantic.

Your movie experience

Your movie experience sounds awesome and I would love to see part of your movie. Did you put any up on YouTube?
I like what you said about remembering the Beatles lyrics, but you didn’t specify so I don’t know which ones you were refering to. However, any Beatles lyrics could be source of inspiration.
I am inspired by your film making.

Thank you =]

Aww that was a really lovely comment – thank you. When i mentioned Beatles it was sort of a play on words cause the at start i mentioned getting by with a little help from my friends =]
No i didn’t put my film up on youtube and my computer crashed so after i made it so now the only copy i have is on a dvd. When i find the dvd i’ll figure out a way of copying the files back onto my laptop (i’m not very technical. The film editing took three days because it was mostly trial and error) then i’ll upload them and i’ll let you know. I’m glad and honoured that i inspired you. Charlie Chaplin and artist Cornelia Parker were a major influence for me whilst i was making my film and though its nothing extraordinary, i’m still proud. I’ll defiantely let you know as soon as i find and upload it. Good luck with your film!! x

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