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How to steal from walmart


Here is a bright idea. Why don’t you get a job and put as much effort into it as you do into getting shit for free? You worthless piece of crap. I bet you’re on food stamps, medicare and live in a trailer park. Get a life!

Ha Ha

Hey ididntdoit how about you get off your high horse and chill out. First the girl obviously said that she was doing this for fun and adrenaline. meaning she isn’t doing this because she doesn’t have the money ergo your insult doesn’t apply. Second you shouldn’t hate people that are on food stamps or medicare you classist pig. In case you didn’t know poverty is an economic status and it doesn’t reflect how a person will act. Food stamps by the way attempt to prevent people from starving to death because of poverty.

And walmart is an evil damn corporation, so who cares if she is stealing from it? Oh you are an asshole ididntdoit.


It doesn’t matter the reasoning behind the stealing. You are just as worthless as she is. Why can’t you hate people that are on food stamps or medicare? They are the reason we are in a f-ing recession you idiot.
” poverty is an economic status and it doesn’t reflect how a person will act”
What?? It absolutely DOES affect how a person will act? Are you serious? Check the statistics, people who are poverty stricken are 45% more likely to steal….And it doesn’t even matter what economic status a person is, stealing is f-ked up. Period. Why is he an asshole? You are the idiot here. You fall into the same category as surfin12; Scum.

hehe .

youre a bitch .

you fucking cunt licking hoe


youre a bitch .
you fucking cunt licking hoe

WOW, your intelligence astounds me. I don’t know, with a comment like that, why you don’t hold a position in Congress. I mean, that is the only response I get? Insults? No wonder you have to steal from Wal-Mart, you are too dumb to get hired anywhere. I mean, even McDonald’s has standards. But, I am a bitch?!. That is original. You are the one breaking the law douchebag. I am glad that you find solice in helping others steal. I wonder if you have this same level of bravery when you are in prison becoming bubba’s little girlfriend. I’m sure you’ll be sticking stuff into your pants in prison, but for different reasons. I could speak more itelligably, but I am afraid you will not understand the big words I will use, so I will keep it simple for you. I would take a guess that ididntdoit was correct and you either, live in a trailer park, use food stamps, have 6 kids by 5 dif. people or are a drug addict.

Listen (AkOw)

Wal mart is easy to steal from especially when you have a hoodie with long sleeves all ya godda do is hold on to the merchandise and keep it covered or just quickly slip it in your pocket. but if your finna shoplift from a convenience store grab wat your goona get and walk up to the register while making eye contact with the store clerk slip it in your pockets he or she will not even notice( this is much easier if you buy something also. )

)(*&^% Stealing is fun ! *&^%$

okay so, ya wanna steal from wal-mart? huh . naughty naughty ! anyhoo here are some other good tips.. What ya gotta do is bring a friend and a backpack, you or your friend werar the backpack while the other person slips things into it. it is obvious when you take off your backpack in a store, people know yer stealing. so leave the top zipper slightly open so your friend can easily put things in. if you do not have a backpack, it is a smart idea to be wearing baggy clothing, or a jacket with big pockets. so you can fit things in without the merchandise bulging out. NEVER, i repeat NEVER stuff a bag of chips in your shirt and walk like your pregnet. a dumbass friend of mine bumped into a clerk and gues what? CRINCKLE, CRINCKLE.. bye bye taylor.. anyhoo .. always make sure you keep your eyes out for secret shoppers, they are people who walk around the store in normal clothihng pretending to shop, they are really security. if you feel someone is following you then try to dip out of there sight. all this bullshit about cameras doesnt matter, wal-mart and other cheap stores only check cameras if they ACTUALLY CATCH YOU. most of them are fake anyway, so lets recap on this. if you have a backpack, bring a friend. baggy clothing are good. and secret shoppers suck! so dont get caught and happy stealing !

(This comment was deleted.)

trailer park?

i like how people demoralize people who are already down on their luck. why would you say people on foodstamps are the reason we are in a economic slump? those foodstamp dollars are going to be in that program regardless. did you ever stop to think that it is because our goverment cant manage our money? or maybe the fact that goldmen saches runs the treasury? before you cut people down for being on a goverment program that helps them NOT STARVE TO DEATH IN HORRIBLE ECONOMIC TIMES (if you cant use the program now when is it ok to use it?) maybe you should stop and think about what is going on in our country right now. you are very high and mighty. maybe you should rethink the way you live your life. is stealing ok….no. is surviving ok…yes.


Well, first of all, the way I found this website is searching the Internet to see what model of PSP’s they sell at Wal-Mart so that I may BUY one for my daughter and this is one of the links I got. Second, hell yes stealing affects me. When ppl steal, prices go up. So it affects me because I BUY what I need/want, not steal it. Third, Jus t because someone lives in a trailer park doesn’t mean they are down on their luck, it most likely means they lack ambition. And i am well aware of how badly our government sucks. Starving to death and stealing are two totally different things. More than 80% of the ppl on foodstamps aren’t in ‘dire straights’, they are merely leeching the system. I have worked in the Social Services field for 10 years and I see it first hand everyday. The statistics I quoted are very real. Sure our country is is in a recession, sure times are hard, but that doesn’t mean you resort to stealing. God damn, what kind of fucking logic is that. I have no qualms about the way I live my life, I got an education and a good paying job and have never stolen anything in my life. I don’t break the law and your skewed fuckin’ logic that correlates surviving with stealing is ludicrous. It is ppl like these goddamn thiefs who are on govmnt. assisted programs that make it hard for the working families that lost a good job to get any assistance from the governemnt. And if you want to call me high and mighty because I don’t steal, than hell yes I am high and mighty and I absolutely do look down my nose at thiefs. They are scum. I don’t give a damn why they are stealing. There is no way to justify breaking the law and if you are going to side with people like this you are no better than they are. Anybody can get a fucking job or go to school. Especially if you are poverty stricken; they have more opportunities available to them than anyone else, but they utilize these opportunities less than people who have to pay there way thru life. Goverment assisted programs, by the way, are for people who are TRYING to better their life, not for people who are too goddamn lazy to better themselves. It is not to buy thiefs fucking food if they are going to steal. It doesn’t matter if Wal-Mart is a ‘corporate giant’ and they make billions of dollars. They make billions because Sam Walton WORKED HARD to achieve the status that Wal-Mart is today. It’s quite alright though because karma is a bitch and each of you will get what you deserve. It may not be in the near future, but it will knock you on your ass when you least expect it. The only thing I wish is that I could be there to witness it when it happens. So, happy stealing you fucking pieces of trash, hope you all get caught!!! And when you do get caught, I will be the social worker there in court to take your children away form you !!!

is it ironic rustupid is .. stupid?

“Third, Just because someone lives in a trailer park doesn’t mean they are down on their luck, it most likely means they lack ambition” What a closed tiny little world you live in. I actually feel more pity for you than the ones that are stealing and bragging about it. Shame on you for judging something you obviously know absolutely nothing about. “Anybody can get a fucking job or go to school. Especially if you are poverty stricken”—-since you like throwing out statistics I assume you already know it is the hardest the for poverty stricken to get a job and much harder to attend school. By the way, may I ask where you are getting your statistics? I am really curious about the 80% leaching one. I think it will be interesting to know the source. Your good education certainly isnt shinning right now…”karma is a bitch”, amusing you chose that phrase…... ps, dont bother responding to this, I refuse to power struggle with a retard.

I am not going to join into a power struggle with you, it is pointless because I will win. I only stopped by here to share with all the thiefs the error of their ways, but it obviously doesn’t work/ Criminals will always be criminals, those who live this way are happy about the way they live their lives and that’s fine. You can believe what you want, but I deal with people like this on a daily basis. I know where most of them will end up, I see it happen. And to you kk5566, I am a retard, that is intelligent, thank you for your retort. And by the way, ANYBODY can get a job! McDonalds is always hiring, but these people don’t want to work, they would rather steal. But I will not bother any of you pieces of garbage any longer. I thought I would drop in for a bit, but all of my advice/words are completely wasted here. Merry stealing to all of you!! It is mind boggling how you can take the side of people who steal…..You are no better than they are. Maybe you all will end up in the same jail cell. I don’t have to supply you with any of my information, the statistics I get, I get from work. Dealing with these types of ppl everyday. They are a drain on society.

hey faggot

why are you such a douche? what qualifies you to act superior to anyone else? youre probably a worthless virgin who prides himself in never breaking a law while your perverted self watches kiddie porn. your facts are complete BS and frankly youre kind of an idiot. big words are a strong sign of insecurity. but if you wanna grammar battle ill whoop your nerdy virgin ass. let people live their lives and dont act superior because reckless pride is just as much a flaw as thievery. ever heard of the 10 commandments bitch? i do believe both are included. so please shut your dumb ass up and let the company deal with security issues and back your virgin fuckin nose out of it.


I DO live in a trailer park. I AM down on my luck. I’m a young girl working two jobs while trying to make it through college, because I am attempting to make a better life for myself. I steal. Sometimes I need food for my daughter and myself, and I just can’t afford it. All my money goes into paying my bills. Food stamps only go so far. Christmas was a disaster, I spent what little money I had saved to try to make my Daughter have a “Merry Christmas”. So when you say that people who live in trailer parks lack ambition, I have to wonder what kind of monster you really are. I CERTAINLY do not lack ambition, but our economy is terrible at the moment and even if I worked THREE crappy jobs, I’d still be scraping by. So stop downing on people who aren’t as high class society as you. Just because some of us don’t have the money to survive on our own, doesn’t make us any lower-quality of people than you are.

wait a sec

regaurdless of why she is stealing, it is pointless to say things like “thieves are the ones who live off food stamps.” My 28 yr old sister is on food stamps… You’re right, getting knocked up and having twins which she cannot feed because she had to drop out of college to bring them up, REALLY makes her a criminal… You have NO fucking Logic behind your “statistics”... I’m 18, and i have applied for several job listings in the last 3 weeks… Nothing. Is it really easy for someone of my age to obtain a job? depending on whether you live in an urban area or some suburb miles from any metropolis. People like you PISS me off because although stealing isn’t morally just, it is something some have to do. While her situation isn’t the most keen, there are many people who steal shit to feed their kids. If you were in their shoes, i’m sure you’d consider it… And don’t bet the farm on this lovely myth called “Karma”... Many good people die at the hands of treachery, whilst many criminals get let out 20 years early… I usually don’t spend so much time on “hate threads”... Yet My AP Lit Teacher suggested i write when i’m passionate about something… If you are so Morally Just, then please by all means, walk into a Hollywood studio and demand a documentary, then go take a gander at Wheaties, see if they’ll give you a box with your goofy face on it, then see if maybe Obama has a seat over at his easter dinner, as i’m sure the meal will be supurb. But within you lies a sad, pathetic being… So instead of blogging about how surfer12 is a “bitch”< think of it this way… WHO THE FUCK CARES i’m sure she’s having a lot more fun stealing Mascara then you are with your stupid “hate-blogging”... So as we say down here, he who bitches about his dinner being too cold, shouldn’t have lolligagged to the table… Make sense? No? Good…

it always amazes me how people can use F*ing MCDONALDS as an example.

that person obviously never worked at mcdonalds, if they did thed know how disgusting, humiliating, degrading, demeaning, demoralizing, McDonalds is.

what an ELITIST fatcat “rustupid” is. they obviously never worked a hard days work in thier life.

how dare you scold people for just taking something from a Heartless, Soulless, Evil, Greedy corporation like walmart.


I am superior because i do not steal, I am college educated, I buy what I need, my IQ is not 27. like most people here. I am insecure because I use big words??? You ppl are the dumbest group of ppl I have ever had the displeasure of interacting with. You have no argument other than insults. You have proven, on your own, how stupid you are really are. I am happy to be a nerd. I would rather carry the label of nerd, then thief. If being smart and ethical qualifies me to be a nerd, well then, guilty as charged. You think working at McDonald’s is degrading, but stealing is not? What kind of warped f**ing logic is that? And to Mexicano, You don’t want to grammar battle me, you don’t stand a chance. I am not going to dignify the rest of the things you said with a response, because the comments you made were juvenile and lacked originality and intelligence. And don’t quote f-ing commandments to me. I am not stupid or easy manipulated, therefore I do not believe in Christianity. So, quote the Bible to someone who holds it in high regards. To me, it is just a good fiction story. I am sure I ahve worked harder then most of you combined, so when you decide to earn your money instead of steal it, then maybe you have a leg to stand on against me. BTW, the statistics are correct, just because you don’t believe them doesn’t mean they are not reality. If you would pay more attention to whats going on in the world rather than worrying about how to steal your next item, you may have a clue. And you all calll me whatever names you think are funny, but until someone gives me an educated, intelligible rebuttal, I will be right here reminding you all how scum-like you truly are.

He He...

Rustupid… and yes i capitalize your name because i hold myself to be compatible with pretty much everyone… Youve presented me with, de facto, a challenge. Said challenge, whilst not much of one, is an excellent way to stave off boredom on my time home from college… but i digress… First of all, you ARE too high and mighty, you really are. Telling someone you are better than them, or that you can do something better than them, i.e. grammar in this case, in the midst of an argument makes you look insecure. whether you are or not is not my concern, i merely state facts. Sounding insecure is not a good way to win an argument. Secondly You say you do not believe in christianity, ergo you must stand by logic, however your very base logic is flawed. I hold myself to be neutral in this world. i was born, whatever i do is what i will do, and when i die i will have happily lived out my allotted time on this planet. If you want to use logic, you must go all the way with it and think about things more. For example, society defines stealing as wrong because to lose something to someone else feels wrong to us, but does that make us wrong? Put simply, Good and Evil have been defined based on who wrote the history books, and it is the winners throughout history’s many stories who write them. I will admit, stealing from another peer seems wrong, regardless of logical standpoint (although it could be said that perhaps no one was meant to “own” anything and that were we to think this way as a society perhaps we would get along better in life), however, logic would seem to point to absolute fairness, and the absolute fair thing to do would be to steal from someone who has stolen from you. Walmart, in particular, is a great example of eye for an eye, at least in my case. When Walmart told Carrier that they needed to sell their products to them for less or they wouldnt stock their products, therefore forcing Carrier to outsource, Carrier laid off my very dear uncle, who at one point was a brilliant man. My uncle now cannot get a job where he can receive health benefits, and now has polyps growing in his nose that will kill him, and that he cannot afford to have removed. to me this is really no big deal, i live by pure logic and pure logic states that people live and die when they are supposed to and to mourn and grieve is a waste of time. however logic also shows that because Walmart stole my uncles life from him, and from me, that i should be allowed to steal mere consumer products from them, at the very least. i should technically be allowed to murder someone from Walmart but id rather live my life not in a cage. as long as i dont get caught, i see no dilemma in stealing from walmart. As for everyone else’s reason to steal from walmart, understand that walmart has stolen from every individual who resides in this country because they forced so many manufacturers to outsource. Countless jobs, taken, healthcare, taken, survivable wage, taken. now is that INTELLIGENT enough for you? (i capitalize intelligent because you wrote intelligible, which means something you can clearly make out, or understand, and i think you wanted more than just that). At this point I would simply like to point out that i am merely 18, and am curious as to how old you are so that i may have a better understanding of which generation is arguing with which… i doubt you will comply with my request but cest la vie…


as i aspire to go to college as a lit major, i applaud thee… you definatly have a tight grasp on the english language, and people like “Rustupid” are just… STUPID for trying to act superior… what insecurities lie dormant within this sad man may never reach the surface, yet by his skewed statistics and power ego, we can safely say he has ZERO Reliability… so why bother arguing with such an inferior being? maybe because it’s fun lol…


Bro, if you really think we all have IQ’s of 27, remember that the average IQ of an American 98… Gifted is about 125… You have NO idea what you are talking about… Under 70 is considered slow, whereas 27 would leave you with some deffinitive retardation… you’re such a great person… now blow me =)


The only flaw in the logic of “stealing from a major corporation” is that Wal-Mart, being the giant bohemoth they are, is not the one being hurt by shoplifters. Prices go up, employees lose bonuses and other money they would have received if the store they work in hadn’t lost money, therefore their children lose out on things like food…and shelter. The idea that stealing is justifiable because “Walmart is a big mean corporation” is just stupid. You aren’t helping matters. I agree that Wal-Mart probably isn’t the greatest of companies ethically, but stealing isn’t the way to stop them…that’s just a good way to make the people who are stuck working there more broke…and for you to wind up in jail. If you want to hurt Wal-Mart…then do it in an intelligent and legal way. Don’t shop there. Educate others and encourage them not to shop there. Will it make a difference? Probably not…but at least you don’t wind up looking like a moron when Wal-Mart security tackles you to the ground.

once again

i have a specific thought process that allows me not to care about other people that aren’t important to me. sorry if what i do makes other people suffer, but i simply don’t care. as for kids, i hate them. people brought the doom of walmarts economic takeover upon themselves when they refused to be more humble and accept what they had. The fact that people are willing to support a company like walmart that destroys countless lives every day just to save a few cents or a few dollars is illogical and selfish. since walmart takes from us, i take from them. im not bound by morals as i stated before, because they are defined by who won in history. as far as im concerned, id rather have walmart go out of business and lose all those jobs if it were to bring back the better paying i-can-at-least-support-my-family-of-five-on-my-income jobs. just keep in mind that any argument you have which conveys the moral consideration of other people will pass right over my head. i will reiterate once again: we are likely not meant, as a race of humans, to have anything we could possibly want. were we to have been content with what we could afford with what we made then walmart wouldnt even be a problem today. does anyone else want to face logic in its purest form? for the truth is, logic is cold, and morals, are uncertain. ill leave it at that…

i steal because...

i like free things!!!!


prices go up more because of DEMAND, not shoplifting… The price margins they get from such products are so large, they have plenty of bank to back it up…

(This comment was deleted.)

funny mutha fuckus

it is so cool that you guys are arguing over something that is a persons hobby! I like to gamble and smoke crack and pick up hookers, dont judge me, I enjoy shoplifting especially when I am on a date with my hooker that way I can afford the blow job at the end of our date, you see… I am a fly by the seat of my pants kinda person and I love to multitask so if you open your mind and except peoples interests and hobbies you might just find your self exploring new things example: I picked up my hooker date, she was kinda tall and I wasn’t quite sure if she had a five o’clock shadow, hell after three big crack rocks my eyes kinda play tricks on me, (which reminds me I need to steal some glasses) anyway I take her to walmart (that is our special place) she picks out some condoms and I get her some costume jewelery (nothing but the best for my girl) we swing over to McDonald’s which is conveniently in walmart we walk up to the counter and grab someones food, I would just like to say people are so generous thanks to the people who gave us a burger and fries by the way you shouldn’t have got the Angus burger its so expensive but appreciated. Sorry… rambling again. Any-who so we both had to use the bathroom badly she kept itching her crotch so I thought that was a clear sign she needed to use the facilities so I go into the men’s rest room and she followed! wow she is a kinky girl I thought to myself so I pulled my 12 inch cock out stepped back from the urinal because I didn’t want my enormous cock to touch the urinal you know germs and all, so I look over to see what she was doing and I couldnt believe it! HER DICK WAS BIGGER THAN MINE. I was in shock, and I am clearly not gay but.. I figured since I had took her on this date I might as well make lemons into lemon aid so we got it on! To sum up my comment there are allot of benefits to shoplifting at walmart. So to all my fellow five finger discount homies out there! Keep up the good work and one day I believe that this is really gonna ketch on and there will be pieace and harmony in the cosmos. Thank you. LOL!

(This comment was deleted.)


First of all I haven’t stollen from wal mart but anyone who steals from them may u be blessed. Someone says breaking the law is wrong period the rustupid guy well let me say a couple things on his subject. Private ownership itself is a philosophy! Private ownership of goods and services is a concept America has had because of our supposed capitalistic society. The problem
arises with too few of people own the wealth which when u see companies like wal mart ,you know that’s the case. Wal Mart is the problem!! Stealing is really another way to even the wealth. Also money isn’t real it’s accepted but it’s just units in a com puter. I find it sick people starve because they don’t have enough units in a computer somewhere that have no intrinsic value. Money is just a concept of trade a unit thing for bankers and very few to get rich; it’s a game we play but that doesn’t make it right or even a good system.


i jus like free things….
who wouldnt??

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