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How to make an enormous, beautiful and delicious chocolate and beetroot cake with cream cheese frosting and walnuts for my friends, then drop it down the stairs so it breaks into several pieces and gets covered in cat fluff and I have to throw it away.


LOL! So funny:)

I’m so glad you can laugh about this now because you describe it so very humorously.:)

So sorry for the cake.

I’ve been watching a miniseries all about cooking in Korea in the 15th century, and when the kitchen ladies bring the food over to the King, I always think “don’t drop it! Careful now!” It hasn’t happened yet, but I always think that when they bring the King’s meal to him.

Absnasm Thanks 43T. You made me and my life better. I'll miss you very much.

Humour, but tinged with a fuckload of bitterness.

God, that was a good cake.

A miniseries all about cooking in 15th-century Korea?! I love that you just drop that into the conversation, like that’s completely normal. What on earth are you watching?!

Dae Jang Geum.

You’ll see it on my goal list, too. It’s a 54 episode miniseries/soap opera about the Great Jang Geum, Here’s a clip from it when Jang Geum’s mother dies. This is early on in the series, i think episode 2.

So much of it is very sad, but it is a beautiful story about the first women to become the Royal Physician in the Chosun dynasty. I learned about it in acupuncture school. Before I graduated I bought from someone a copy of the whole series, and have been watching them for the last month, and now I’m hooked. I’m up to episode 27 now.

There’s an innocence to the character and to the story that I find refreshing. Almost every episode is a tearjerker, and there is so much love and affection expressed in the show which is quite different from a lot of American tv/movies. It seems like the whole world has grown so jaded. I’m really enjoying all of the heartfult emotion.:)

And all of the herbal cures and acupuncture points have been researched, so the show has also been educational.

There’s a movement to have it aired on BBC, so you might be able to see it soon. And it can also be purchased on dvd.

I’m glad you asked.:) I thought everyone watched tv shows about 15 century Korean kitchen ladies.;)

Absnasm Thanks 43T. You made me and my life better. I'll miss you very much.

Ooh, looks splendid.

54 episodes though?! That’s quite excessive.

Just watched that clip and it made me all wibbly – tearjerker is right! Although the dodgy translation detracted from it somewhat. I work in a translations agency, and I used to be a subtitler, so that stuff irks me somewhat.

Yeah, I'm on #28.

I’m tearing up again….

The version I found on Youtube had terrible subtitles. I couldn’t find anything better there. The copy I have has the normal ones that go along the bottom of the screen.

Yikes! : }

I’m so so sorry!!


I know a little bit how that feels though.
It was my youngest’s birthday and we made her birthday cake together, a delicious chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and lots lots of M&M’s placed one by one by my little girl with so much care.
I assumed the cake holder was of decent quality and I held it by the handle on the way to the party place, right there in the parking lot the cake holder bottom snapped off and the cake fell top first in the concrete. You can imagine the following scene.
My then 4 year old never forgets that birthday, she forgave me because I scraped the bottom off and we were able to still have the clean layer.

Absnasm Thanks 43T. You made me and my life better. I'll miss you very much.


I’m glad you managed to salvage it and your little ‘un wasn’t too miffed. I hope you complained to the cake holder maker that their products aren’t fit for purpose. If they’d implied that your cake was on the heavy side you could have had them for slander. I think you missed a trick there.

It was my fault,

I bought the cheap crappy thing because it was a dollar, I should have treated it as such and held it from the bottom.

: {


If at least our cakes had landed on someone we are mad at! It would have been a little bit worthy.

nicolasc has left the building. 43T and the friends I made will always be special to me.

Huh. Lair. Ee. Us.

I mean, in a totally tragic and heartwrenching way, of course! It sounds like just the kind of cake I’d gorge myself on, too, out of sheer excitement at the eccentricity and genius of the recipe itself.

Absnasm Thanks 43T. You made me and my life better. I'll miss you very much.

It's a great recipe.

If you fancy making it, it’s here. But watch your step!

nicolasc has left the building. 43T and the friends I made will always be special to me.


I might just try it!

(This comment was deleted.)

Absnasm Thanks 43T. You made me and my life better. I'll miss you very much.

Ah, the little buggers!

They’ll eat anything if it’s not nailed down. My cat Askit is the same. Last night I was eating tablet that HA brought me back from Scotland at the weekend, and he kept trying to get a lick in.

(This comment was deleted.)

Poor you! Sounds like a great cake.

Absnasm Thanks 43T. You made me and my life better. I'll miss you very much.

Oh, it was.

I’m still mourning its loss. Of course, having it pop up on the front page of 43T, reminding me every day – that doesn’t help.


God, that is about the best “how to do it” I have ever read! I’m literally chuckling out loud and making a fool of myself.

AND I now want to find out how the hell you can bake a beetroot into a cake and not have it be weird.

Hey… I think I have some beets in my fridge…

You definately need to add “sense of humor that makes milk fly out of friends’ noses” and “can write like the devil” to your list of things you’re great at!

Absnasm Thanks 43T. You made me and my life better. I'll miss you very much.

Aw, thanks.

Glad you liked it. Because I wrote it when I was annoyed at myself for being such a doofus it actually kind of annoys me sitting on my front page all the time and I’d like to shift it elsewhere, but it is quite a good piece of writing, and really encapsulates what I dick I felt at the time, so I’ll leave it there for all to see.

And you’re right! I am funny, and I can write like a demon. Yay! Thanks!

Did you make the cake? It’s bloody lovely. I haven’t dared make it again, the idea is kind of tainted for me now.

Sad thing

Well described.
Sad thing is that I can totally relate, for me it was the main dish for my very first dinner party, a beautifully prepared salmon fillet.
Cat got there in a hurry, too. Damned cat.

Absnasm Thanks 43T. You made me and my life better. I'll miss you very much.

Damned cat indeed.

I hope you had something else to fill the fish-shaped gap.

Absnasm has gotten 25 cheers on this entry.


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