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Stop Procrastination

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How to stop procrastinating


A Perfect Map !

I love everything you touched on, and how you give specific details when necessary. I thank you beyond words for your life lesson posted here.


My intention was to get the perfect road map across, so thanks! Doing it is hard work though – you’ll have times when your energy is completely all over the place and your mind is in pieces (that’s exactly when you need to pull together). The biggest piece of caution I advise is that you need to implement as soon as possible, otherwise it’s almost like a hit to your pride and sense of personal honour if you know what to do but still don’t. On the plus side, once you get past that, it becomes ridiculously easy and all that emotional energy goes towards giving you momentum! best of luck!

stareyedpanda He who wishes to secure the good of others has already secured his own

wow well done..it seems like your discipline gives you alot more out of life!

It’s very difficult. I want to point out this takes months of work – primarily for the reason that procrastination is an emotional groove that you have to pave over and take control of. That’s why this site exists. Change is very difficult because your emotions are what are triggering the choices you think are available to you in the moment. Everyone has days where all the doors seem open, and vice versa, it’s not consistent if you don’t practice it.
Simply put, emotions dictate the way you think and who you think you are. To fully understand that is to understand you’re out of control, until you claim the abiIity to actually make your choices out of your own experience, out of thin air. That requires you to constantly push your comfort zone and get out of your mind, for you to stop being the person you think you are in your head and really live. That’s a monumental challenge. It has to become the purpose of your life. The goal here is to take charge of your emotional grooves and build your own so what you want to see happen – happens automatically. Outrageous joy, your birthright, is yours to take and overwhelm you!

Stick at it. It’s so invaluable. You’ll have mornings where you wake up and your emotions are totally scattered, your thoughts are everywhere, but you have to be the proverbial sheepdog and corall them into the pen, so to speak – write them down and keep fighting. One day you’ll wake up and it’ll become ridiculously easy, you just have to stick at it and undo the bad habits that others have encouraged in you. Just remember – your deepest choices are the sum and total of your life. You’re not going to remember this site, or browsing on the net, or eating bad food, or bad relationships, or any of that stuff, in 10 years, only the stuff you really enjoyed. Do only that stuff and nothing else.

I can’t underestimate the importance of taking a 10 minute break – complete break – from everything every 50 minutes, so your mind and body can renew and cycle their energies. If you’ve ever heard the saying that things in their abundance become their opposite, this is why.

I highly recommend drinking 2 glasses of water and doing pushups or situps first thing in the morning too. Try a flax seed oil capsule, earplugs and a sleep mask whilst you sleep. I have not had a bad night’s sleep since I started doing that.
Finally, I want to share some affirmations I run through at least daily – not New Years Resolutions – daily committing sayings I run through literally FIRST THING in the morning, to set the whole frame for the day. When your mind starts accepting them almost as a given, then it starts looking for ways to fill in the blanks. They’re all unrealistic for a reason.

1. I get it all done easily, with spirit, fearless passion, positivity, a perfect memory, clean energy, an emptied mind, and fully engaged sense of purpose.
2. I solve global academic problems and heal my community with a network of superstars whom I spark with.
3. I can sail/row/swim/bike/run/climb/fight my way to physical health and can go self sufficient any time.
4. I can play/transcribe anything I hear on 16 different instruments.
5. I make breathtaking digital art, photorealistic pencil drawing, and graffiti.
6. I nurture my creative side through acting, dancing, comedy, cooking, and magic.
7. I make 500k a year and can travel anywhere plus one.
8. I’m a completed master. I never flinch.

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