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How to let go


AWGrace ☿♁♃♄♅♆♇

I agree

My personal rout through this problem was the realization that fear is an illusion created by others and maintained by myself, living with fear makes you stop doing things just in case it goes wrong, which in turn stops you living your life.
Choose not to live with fear and it dissolves into the ether :)


Thanks for the How-To.

I can’t spend my time prancing around my fears and hoping that they would resolve themselves.

I can’t spend my time sitting with my fears in hope that I would just adjust to their presence.

I need to confront them, conquer them and go through them. It’s so much easier said than done but completely worth it.


Tristan ♫•*¨♥♥`*•´♫ is blooming ♫•*¨♥♥`*•´♫

You’re welcome!

Abundant blessings on your journey.

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Dreamdancer12 It's time to plan our wedding!

Thank you for sharing

So eloquently! This passage gave me the shivers of resonance with High Truth. You capture the essence of exploring and healing the shadow side so beautifully! Thank you for sharing the light and creating channels for higher love to shine through!

Tristan ♫•*¨♥♥`*•´♫ is blooming ♫•*¨♥♥`*•´♫

You’re welcome, and thank you for your wonderful comment.

chinalove is reinventing herself

Hi Tristan

I stumbled onto this….and I need to make a change…..u really nailed it….”when I confronted my true fears” I have to take a deeper look at my true fears….maybe make a list. They are causing me to do a lot of uncomfortable things I really don’t want to do.

Tristan ♫•*¨♥♥`*•´♫ is blooming ♫•*¨♥♥`*•´♫

Thanks for your comment, chinalove.

I’m still doing this on a daily basis – moving through my fears, confronting them. It gets easier the more you do it, and I’m seeing major changes in my life because of it. My relationships are much better, and other parts of my life are also moving forward.

I hope you’ll find your way through it, too.

. . thinking

thank you!

Thank you so much for your post here Tristan! I know it was last year, still that is what I need to keep in mind right now. And it is all so true!

Tristan ♫•*¨♥♥`*•´♫ is blooming ♫•*¨♥♥`*•´♫

You're welcome!

I just reread what I wrote way back when and it still holds true for me.

I’m glad you find it helpful.

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