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How to drink Ayahuasca


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maromera celebrating to be right here and right now in friendship with God


I suffer from a bipolar disorder.. so I was told by a therapist not to drink ayahuasca because it was too dangerous for someone with my condition… I believed that and I convinced myself that I was never going to drink it. One year ago, one of my best friends started drinking ayahuasca; I could observe the positive changes in her life , in her face,in her health… and I started longing to drink the plant …one day my friend told me that during one of her visions , she could see that I was ready to receive the “remedy” . At first , I was skeptical, I couldn’t believe her, however I travelled with her and I spoke to the “taita” ( the shaman) and his words gave me the courage I needed. When the ayahuasca’s effect began I freaked out , I thought I had gone insane. The plant is like a mirror in which you can see your deepest secrets and fears, and that’s scary. All the things that we hide from ourselves appear and show us their true nature. After facing them, there is a treasure of light, and love.
(after drinking ayahuasca I stopped going to the psychiatrist and taking antidepressants. And though some moments have been hard I have never felt better before).

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maromera celebrating to be right here and right now in friendship with God

I think the plant has an effect on you , it doesn’t matter where you come from. ( my French teacher is from France and he had a good experience drinking ayahuasca)
From my experience I’ve seen that the effect of the plant varies a lot , it’s not only different for each person, but also it has a different effect each time you try it. So far, I’ve tried yagé (that’s the way they call the ayahuasca in Putumayo’s jungle) 6 times and each time has been completely different.
I wouldn’t advise to try it home alone, it can be dangerous , besides you will be deprived of the enriching experience of the original ritual.

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squirtle73 is visiting his grandparents.

I too was diagnosed with bipolar disorder but consider ayahuasca.

The organization running an ayahuasca ceremony says, “if you have a mental health condition, we need your psychiatrist to approve your participation.”

But my psychiatrist is too conservative for me to trust entirely. She is not the typical Western, scientific reductionist sort of doctor, but she is too close. And she needs a steady stream of income.

I am so determined to try ayahuasca that I’ve lied about my diagnoses (neglected to mention them) on my application to the ceremony. I reasoned that the shamans need to cover themselves from legal liability.

But now I have read more. I am afraid that I may have an especially “fragile” psyche and may not have given the shamans enough information to help me. And that may be a very bad idea.

It would be different if I could remain in Peru under the care of the shamans, but I’m to return to the U.S. after only about a week.

Since our society is so warped, it’s hard for me find a psychiatrist, or any other healer, whom I trust.

Have any suggestions on how to make the decision?

After your ayahuasca experience, you reported good results. But a few months later, you reported a nervous breakdown, unless I’ve confused you with someone else. In hindsight, how do you feel about it?

maromera celebrating to be right here and right now in friendship with God


I exaggerated a little bit when I said “nervous breakdown”. I broke up with my boyfriend and I was extremely sad, but that was normal sadness. In fact I’m proud about the way I handled the whole situation without recurring to any meds. Actually, I gave myself permission to be sad, to learn what I had to learn from sadness and pain. (I still go to therapy with a psychologist to deal with that and to help me with personal issues)

Every human psyche is different , so it’s very hard for me to answer to your comment. In my opinion, you need to be completely honest with the shaman and give him/her complete information about your case. For example, in my case the dose I take is always smaller than my friends’ dose, and the shaman always keeps a close eye to my case. Part of the ritual is to dare to be honest and to open your soul, so it’s not a good idea to go to the ceremony telling lies.

In hindsight, I would say yagé(ayahuasca’s name in my country) is like a catalyst, it makes you realize very quickly about certain patterns and situations in your life that are leading you to diseases and suffering, but you can realize about those things that need to be changed without drinking yagé. There are many paths that lead you to spiritual awareness and happiness. In the end, is your personal choice to decide which path to take.

From my experience, I can tell you that after drinking the plant my overall health has improved, I don’t need any meds (before I had to take mood stabilizers and tranquilizers and sometimes sleeping pills), my spiritual life was completely renewed (the whole ceremony was for me like getting closer to God). However, it’s not easy and though you can see beautiful things , you might also see ugly things and you might have to face traumatic experiences from your past , too.

Finally, no matter the decision that you make about this , it’s important that you have a strong desire to get better and to improve your life, the final message that you may receive from yagé is that love can cure everything and you have to start loving yourself to be surrounded by the miracles of sharing and learning. A yage ritual is eye-opening , but the real hard work and the most important challenge you will find is hidden in your daily life. In addition, it is important to be prepared for the ritual: at least one week before the ceremony don’t consume any meat, don’t drink alcohol, avoid sexual relations and if you believe in God pray a lot and ask him to help you during the experience. When you go to the ceremony have a clear purpose in your mind.

Please keep in touch and let me know more about your final decision.

squirtle73 is visiting his grandparents.

You're right...

at the least, I certainly cannot lie. I already had begun to dread being there, having entrusted myself to shamans whom I could not fully trust, because I would know that they would not know what they were dealing with—all because I had lied to them.

So, just now, I wrote the organization, admitted that I had lied, apologized, and threw myself on their mercy. I asked them if they could accept someone with my conditions, if I can get a physician’s approval.

If I remember correctly, their rules may prohibit my participation in any case, since I have not only bipolar disorder but also a heart arrhythmia.

I don’t know where I’ll find a physician who’d want to be held liable for approving any sort of emotionally intense experience for someone with an arrhythmia.

Thus, I may instead have to go it alone, without the help of any shaman! I can use salvia divinorum legally in several U.S. states, and I can hyperventilate, as in kundalini yoga and in the Holotropic Breathwork of Stanislav Grof. I may die alone, or I may suffer a heart attack that leaves me mentally impaired, but at least no healer would be legally liable for my actions!

maromera celebrating to be right here and right now in friendship with God

Dear Squirtle

You were very brave to admit that you had lied, it’s a great decision.
Now I’m really worried about you. As I told you before ayahuasca is not the only path to have a strong life-changing experience. Your body is sacred and if you have certain medical constraints you have to be aware of that. The purpose of going to a ceremony is healing, but that goal can be achieved through many different, safer ways. I also had a regression therapy, which was also very impressive, and useful for me,and it doesn’t imply any risk to your health.
If you don’t have any problem to send me detailed information about your case I can talk to my taita (the name for the shaman here in Colombia) and ask him about your situation.
Whatever you do, don’t do this alone, it’s really too risky, too dangerous , it’s better that you are surrounded by people that can help you.
Please keep in touch.

I'd love to talk to you about this

I’m just not brave enough yet!

this is just a test cheering back. Eventually.

Beautiful painting.

Is this your creation?

maromera celebrating to be right here and right now in friendship with God


I’m a fool. I forgot to give credit for the image I used. It’s a painting of Carlos Jacanamijoy a famous colombian indigenous painter.
If you’re interested in his work please visit:

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