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Skydiving In Virginia

www.skydivinginwestpointva.com/     Skydiving In Virginia. Lowest Prices in Virginia

Tandem Skydive VA

www.tandemskydiveva.com/     2 Locations in Virginia Open 7 days week.

Skydiving In Virginia

www.nolimitsskydiving.com/     Make A Tandem Skydive In Virginia. Lowest Prices in Virginia

Houston Skydiving

www.skydivespaceland.com/     As low as $149 for your First Jump 30 mi south of Houston, TX

Skydiving Los Angeles

www.skydivecoastalcalifornia.com/     Great View Of L.A.- Channel Islands Ocean at 120Mph. Safe, Fun, Fast.

Skydiving Baltimore

www.adrenaline365.com/Skydive-Baltimore     For the Ultimate Adrenaline Rush, Go Skydiving in Baltimore Today!

How to skydive



That’s great to hear! Please let us know what you think of it. I am greatly enjoying it, myself.


janlwc got to realise something soon~

i still feel great when talking about this, even it was happening 7 months ago =)

i was so nevous when waiting, especially when we were getting on the plane. i remember that when the instructor opened the door and we were about to jump, it was so windy and all the things happened so fast…......... then i was already out and flying in the sky. i did enjoy the tension and the fast heart beat.

once jumped out, i experienced few second of excitment, and then i really felt very peaceful during the free fall, it’s so quiet and i did enjoy watching myself getting through some very thin clouds =)

Then how about your experience?? where did you do that? i was doing that in melbourne~

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