How to learn to weld


californiajoy Happy 2012 Everybody :)

Oh fun,

What are you making? Art stuff or other stuff?

Sean Elstone What better place than here? What better time than now?

I don't think I'm good enough

to make art sfuff, so, for now, I have a few projects that people have been asking me for help with like… can you fix this for me? or can you make me something to hold fire wood? That kind of stuff

californiajoy Happy 2012 Everybody :)


how’s it going so far?? I was thinking about making a “found sculpture” again today. Maybe I’ll add it as a goal. I always want to do this artistic stuff but practical is great too. My dad keeps asking me to go home and help him make gates and stuff like that. He welded all the end tables in my parent’s house; they look pretty good actually. Kinda ornate but still that rough look. If that makes sense. :)


I want to:
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