How to beat my depression


Stephen I miss you Dad

Thanks for sharing....

...your story. I am very glad you recognized that something was wrong and confronted it instead of letting it keep controlling you. I know with problems I had in my past too, my parents refused to acknowledge there was any problems because basically they were selfish and by admitting they were wrong, would have to live with the guilt that they did something that hurt their children. To this day my mother and dad can’t discuss or accept it. It’s a real shame that this happens in so many families still. I hope that your experience can help someone else who feels their situation is hopeless and you can give back and save another life. Pay it forward.

Thank you

...for your kind words. I agree! It’s so disheartening to read, hear and see that so many people are experiencing/experienced the same in their families. I’ll pass my experience on to others, everyone should do so.

I highly doubt that my parents will ever be able to get their heads around this one. And that’s the saddest thing, really.

If I ever have children, I will do my best to preserve them from any harm. I won’t make them feel responsible for things that I have done wrong. This I promise to myself.


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