How to have a big tea collection


Well it’s quite expensive for my taste and I am not even sure would they ship it to Finland. And I haven’t seen that brand in shops here. But thanks for the suggestion :) I have seen couple other brands that makes Black mint, but they are difficult to find. I just bought chocolate mint ceylon tea :)

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Heh I thought too that it was just one box. That would have been really expensive :D But yeah, 6 boxes aren’t that bad, but I still doubt that they will ship it to Finland (and even if they would, I don’t need 6 box and the price would be higher with all the shipping costs).

But if someone here on 43T wants to be nice and has this at home and would be willing to send be few tea bags for free, let me know ;) !!

The chocolate tea is quite good. The chocolate doesn’t taste in it actually much at all, but the mint tastes. So it’s almost like a black mint tea, but has a hint of chocolate taste in it. And it taste like chocolate-mint candies :D It’s made by Finnish tea house Forsman tea and it’s called “Hepuli tee”. Hepuli means something like when you are really happy or excited about something and you can’t sit still :D I have no idea is there word in English for that. And “tee” of course means tea :D


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