How to manage my time better


sunshn913 have to do homework :-(

well my first question is are you working? and if you are is it part time or full time?
at home you should be spending roughly 2 hours for every hour you spend in class.i only do one hour homework because i don’t have to do alot of studying for my classes

depending on how many credit hours your taking, (im taking 14 and going mon, wed, fri) you can manage your time, for example by planning

monday: class, work on math homework for one hour, english for one hour, and study for another class (your choice)

tuesday: day off, work on any homework that will be due tomorrow, study for any tests, work, personal time

and along with that if you are working part time and going to school full time like me they reccomend you dont work anything more than 16 hours a week. i can do 18 or 19 and still have time for personal life and homework, but it may be different for each person.

obviously your calendar would be more detailed and different but this is just an example. I did this so much last semester that i just got the hang of a routine and now i dont even need to do it.

And to your last question i had time to go over it in the morning to make sure i had everything done and just to get a look at my schedule for the day so i knew what i was doing, any other times i would have referred to it is if you get a couple mins before classes like if your early, and if you somehow find one you can keep with your assignments it makes it alot easier. you can also reference it at night to go over what youve accomplished for that set day.

just remember to have fun too, dont put everything into work, school and homework. make sure your social life isnt suffering because you need that balance in there to keep you sane. believe me

sorry this is so long, just want to make sure i had it all in

Thank you!

Your suggestions are amazing! I am not working yet but I do have lots of courses which brings in too much of studying and homework assignments to do..thank you so much :) take care!


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