How to get married in August.


ExGratia is on a mission.

Butting in to say

that moving is a good reason to listen to new music. Its good for the psyche, soothes the nerves. You down for some trance/dance music? I gotz a new virtual library shelf full of it.

I see how you are, btw…I give you the divorce so you can go and marry THAT guy, and now you’re considering eloping with Tangy too. Harumph. ;) (crosses arms, looks petulant)

Kalibebti "I came here to drink milk and kick ass."

LOL That is how I am.

Aww, Gracie, you know you’ll always be my alpha and omega. Tangy did have the element of surprise on her side though. Gee whiz!

THAT guy would be terrified if he knew how many wives I’ve had/have. Intrigued, but terrified. XD

New music, you say?? Yes!! Give me!

But I owe you snail mail !!! It is there. In the giant box of snail mail waiting to be given life. Just to the left of the pile of laundry. Not touching, though.


I want to:
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