How to write a novel


not2late has come a long way since he started, and is going further still.

Thanks for the inspiration

Am determined to start my novel this year after having this as my main ambition for maybe 30 years. Seems like a good way to make this happen will be to join a writers’ circle or to start one of my own.

And I do like the idea of the “What if…?” question which would work for other genres as well as Sci-Fi.

Thanks, again!


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Dear not2late;
Thanks for the cheer and kind words! I do have a question, though, not related to writing: how long after you joined 43 Things, were you able to chat with other people, and message them? I’ve done everything the site requires, yet this function is denied me. Frustrating! I’d like to say hi to members- but I can’t!


I want to:
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