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ive set aside time almost everyday to do nothing but be creative and scream colors. ive been making a load of progress and im really proud of myself. the dream is still in a sort of fetal position but i dont worry about it dying inside me anymore. this ones coming out healthy and if i keep on like i have this work will be done before the month is out. and of course, we go back to the drawing board and do it all over again. thanks for the cheers.


ive had a lot of distractions lately. foolishness. today im going to shut everything and everyone out and cuddle with my brushes. i wont see my dreams crucified.


ive set up a shop on etsy and ive been devoting a lot of time to getting my work in order because before this i just didnt bother. undisciplined. i know that it will take a lot of patience and effort but im certain im on a right course with my life in making these choices to share a little bit of my truth with the world in the best way that i know how. im so excited about all the possibilities. good going me.

learning how to talk

ive been creative all my life and i never gave much attention to it. everyone always praised my ability but id just shrug it off. ive come to a point where i know i love painting and drawing and would like to find more time to do it. we all have a statement wed like to make in the world and thru this medium im convinced i can speak the loudest. i hope to make a change in someones life or their way of thinking but if not i know at least ill have made a big change in my own and that when all is finished ill be able to say i tried and used my best voice. thats that.

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