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Still going with this.

I stopped for a while but got back on the journey a while ago. I need more fluency and a better ear for the language. My vocabuly also lapsed in my break. To this end I am making two changes.

The first has been going on for over a month with success: practice spanish via rosetta stone for at least ten minutes every two days. The second is to get more practice. To that end I have decided to attempt the goal of watching every single episode of lost in spanish. This will up the time I am immersed in spanish, mean I finally watch the rest of that series, and also train my ear to pick out words and meanings in more natural speech.

After doing this I aim to watch more series in spanish. So far I have watched the first episode, picked up at the very least half a dozen new words and discovered I enjoy it better in spanish. Though in this language people sound so much more emotional for some reason. Watching the second episode tomorrow.

I will update this goal once I’ve finished the series. It will be a long while and I hope to have moved along with my spanish a lot by then.

Level two done

On to level three. After this I’m note sure where I will go. I may go on to level four, or I may go back over the levels I’ve done to make sure they are firmly in my brain, or something else. Will decide once I get there.

Level one of spanish complete

On to level two. I figuire I’ll complete levels two and three then depending on how I feel about it schedule in some regular spanish chating on someplace like livemocha.

Learned some

I feel I’m getting somewhere with this. Though not anywhere fast.

I know enough to be an odd person in a latin america country who points at things and says ‘what is this’ in spanish, then answering myself ‘una manzana’ (an apple), etc. Or pointing at at people and saying ‘la nina come’ (the girl is eating), etc. I can also say hello and goodbye but thats about it so far.

Meh, its getting there.

Think I might have some time somewhere to make a start on this

What I really want to do is buy the rosetta stone kit levels 1 – 5 for spanish then work my way through it. But not sure I can justify the expense right now, it would cost over 400 pounds. There are free ways to learn some spanish but the idea of being able to work my way through tasks and keep track of my progress really appeals.

For now I’ll just schedule in a little spanish learning, maybe some british sign language too. Then see how it goes with the free versions and the rosetta stone demo.

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