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stop procrastinating

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I just read some of my posts and im happy to report that ive finished uni and ive been working as a casual teacher for 2 school terms :)

2 essays left

Procrastination is assassin of opportunity. Right now this could not be closer to the truth.


okay so i passed 3 of my subjects, just 1 of them is a potential fail. Well at the moment it is a fail, i have to apply for special consideration.. and to this head teacher who knows my dodgy track record :(

At the dr trying to get a certificate formy over due assigment

I hate this. I hate soing this tomyself. I feel i have an enemy inside me thats happymy life is shit :(

1 assignment left

okay so i only have 1 assignment left and then i am on top of things again.. i am trying to do this assignment and finish it off … cant wait until its done.. teacher is expecting it , have to make another big excuse as to why i didnt email it earlier… hope all goes well… still waiting on my math teacher to get back to me regarding the late file i sent to her.. this is rather stressful…. and then i have to go to the doctor and get a doctors certificate.. i’d have to beg because theyre so tough with back dating nowadays.. hope all goes well

The picture below describes how messy my life is at the moment.. i just want this semester to end and do well… so i dont have to redo anything or waste time falling behind… i have hope and i believe if i work hard for it, everything will be okay

I did it again

I cant believe i did it again… I said i would not procrastinate since this is my 2nd last sem but im at it again… Taking HUGE risk… I feel so sick of myself, my ways,im contemplating on quiting my job :( goshh i need to see a. Psych

I cant do this

I cant live like this anymore… I have to be kind to myself and do what is right for me. I have to see a psychologist to help me over come procrastination.


Im doing it again… My assignment is over due and im doi
Ng it again … Im risking so much… Whats wrong with me


procrastination has f*ed up my life. i have the biggest loser because of it.. my assignment is 20 days late and i have feeling so stressed, i am going to hand it in tonight with an excuse, i hope she accepts.. i am the BIGGEST loser ever.

i hate myself right now :(

i dont know why everyone else is normal and only i am a loser.


I am feeling sorry for myself. I have 2 overdue assignments for 1 subject. I have nearly completed one of them. And lucky the other one is easy to do. But still requires work. I feel quite sad because i was trying to be more conscious about doing my assignments on time and yet i still stuffed up. I really need professional help. I feel so sorry for myself right now. If I dont past 2 out of 3 subjects this semester I will be left behind another 2 semesters. It will be horrific. I feel so sad. How can I let this happen. I really have a mental disorder. I am against myself. I dont know why I cant be good to myself and love myself and do what is right for me. I dont understand.

I know part of the problem stems from my parents. My parents are such horrible people. Especially my mother, she can be quite horrible. She told my little sister that she hopes her nose doesnt turn out ugly!!! And my little sister, who is only 13, was worrying about her nose.When I asked her who gave you these ideas, she said my mom did. And my mom went off at my sister for blaming her. I knew it was my mom because she has even told me in the past the my sisters nose is crook and hopes it doesnt turn out like my brothers or fathers.. infront of my little sister she said “i will die if your nose turns out like that”... wtf?? thats such a horrible thing to say!!!!

Anyways i know I have been through a lot with my parents and they have just made my beliefs about myself worse. But I cant live like this anymore. Its not healthy. I feel so stressed and because I am obese I dont go anywhere. I have no life :(

i feel horrible. :(

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