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Look my morale is going up!

I had a heart to heart talk with my husband last night about all that I was worrying about in regards to getting a part-time job, and having a young child. Today I picked up the babysitters’s list in our neighbourhood and there are 50% fewer babysitters on it in comparison to last year.

He is helping me slow down, calm down, relax and said that he would help me find a babysitter before I find a job. I was trying to do it the other way around.

Now I’m wondering if we’re going to find anyone with little availability. You’d think with a recession that more women would want to babysit.

Just having my husband help me work through this is picking up my mood.

I was feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and I don’t feel like asking the same babysitters on the list if they will look after my daughter when I get a job because they’ve said no to me before. So my husband is going to call and talk to the babysitter we really want. How nice is that?

Walked the dog

with my daughter. Laughed at all the silly things they both do.

Relax in front of the puter with a coke and some chips.

Enjoying Sunday.

How can I be happy about this?

For the best interests of my family I need to find a part-time or full-time job, yet two things really bother me about this.

1) I’m going to miss my daughter like crazy.

2) I have no idea who is going to babysit her and trust me there are some really crappy sitters out there.

But financially I need to do this for my family because of this stupid recession.

Ask myself...

will this matter in five years from now?

What's up with all the average to low days?

What is wrong with me? I know that things are going kind of crappy right now but they are things which I have little control over. I need to see the rainbow. I choose to look for the rainbow.

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