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Record daughter's quotes.

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Hair is made out of string. And she doesn’t know how she knows this but she just does. :)

Big word for her

I heard my daughter use the word responses when she was talking to her dad. I thought that was a big word for her to use in casual conversation. Huh.

She's so funny!

We were out having dinner and although we could have walked back to the hotel dd was yawning so I let her know that we were going to get a cab back. She said that I didn’t have my cell on me and so how was I going to get a cab. I said that I didn’t need a cell I could get a cab without one. So she said “Oh right, you’re going to do it the old fashioned way!” meaning that she thought that I was going to use the pay phone! LMAO! She was surprised when I hailed a cab on the street and then she didn’t like the ride because the cabbie went too fast. :)

When she was a toddler

She used to call McDonald’s “Happy Lunch.” :)

I'm moving my uvula


Needed to pick myself up off the floor after this one

“I know what I’m going to do when I grow up. B.G. is going to be the mayor and I’m going to work for him. But if he thinks he’s going to boss me around I’m quitting.”

Hee hee

“I’m growing taller and I’m getting skinnier but my clothes still fit and I don’t know why.”

About Driving

“I’m never driving. I’m going to walk everywhere.”

Her latest sayings

When she is mad at us, she says things like “Oh my gawd!” and “Seriously.” And she’s picked up the new phrase where she tells us something and just to drive her point home she adds: “just sayin’” at the end.

I think her little attitude because it’s so fresh and new is very funny.

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