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Ef the people who yell at me. :P

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Bitchiness all around by the two people who are great at it. There should be a bitchiness award for them and we should get to vote. I get it in person when trying to do my job and I get it by email. Why do women have to bring their emotional baggage to work and unpack it and leave the contents out for all to see?

I had yet another staff member yell at me

and this time it was over the phone and I asked her if she could settle down a bit because I’m just getting over the flu and she then ramped up the yelling. Un-effing believable. I said that I would prefer to discuss it as I’m not feeling well and needed to stay later tonight to finish some work and I even asked her if I could help her solve her problem and she said, or rather yelled “no.” Are women just not getting enough sex or are they just allowed to be bitches?

If you’re yelling at people at work and you’re reading this – please consider stopping. Because someone like me has to go home with the flu after working all day and not eating or drinking and then I have to take care of my family. And deal with real problems like a girl five years older than my daughter trying to hit her in the head with a shovel.

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