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fall in love with myself

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Make time for myself to live and enjoy my own time.

Slowly arranging my life into order.
It’s likely to take several decades to get back to where I want to be.

One thing at a time.

A random find online turned out to be an insightful read. I’ve included the link here.

Shuffle till it don't hurt.

Music might be a religious pursuit for some but dance is all kinds of natural.

Ya just gotta feel the music until it makes ya move, and then ya hone yer style, make it all smooth like; fit togethar real nice.

Sugar, I’m taking up dancing again.

"The changes are subtle but I still love her." Nature Move Faster ~ Leaves

By nature, I’m people person; an extrovert.

I lead people, teach, share in the good and uplift during the bad. It’s what I do.

When I’m at my happiest, I’m creating.
Thank goodness for the digital era, I now create worlds in my spare time.

With each step into Autumn.


Begin the day with dessert.

Good morning sunshine, brisk morning air and replenished vitality.

My breakfast of choice?
a) One slice of napoleon opera cake
b) cider, cold and mulled
c) fruit parfait

I miss date nights.

The personal rituals we bide our time for make all the difference, rain or shine.

Not every pleasure is social or dependent on something else fulfilling their obligation.

Some of life’s greatest satisfaction arises from savoring the ordinary.

And since when did I stop making time for me?

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