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Write and successfully prepare my very own recipes from scratch

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1RL has written 8 entries about this goal

FB2Go ~ Full Breakfast to Go
  • biscuit
  • bacon/protein
  • egg
  • season to taste

North Americano - iced coffee, Canadian style
  • Natural liquid sweetener
  • Heavy cream
  • Dark roasted coffee
  • Crushed ice
  • Epicurean Almond

Adventures of last weeks truffle making.

A few misses on an attempt to deconstruct a photo for a recipe, but I think my friend and I have got it.

They don’t look like much, but the flavors immediately bring you back to favorable camp memories.

With a few personal tweeks to the recipe, I really have a nice simple recipe to contribute.

Batches of baking for the future, made today.

Just a few months ago, I found freezer cookie dough that I’d made 3 years prior to the date. To my astonishment, the dough was still good uncooked and even better baked.

Since I’m moving, and goodness knows that freezer space is hard to come by, this goal seems even more relevant than ever before. In my previous place, cookies were a vacation and a half. During winter months of cold complacency, the smell alone was uplifting.

The good weather has brought out amazing sales on baking ingredients, the likes of which I’ve never seen before, and I want to bake up a storm.

Nothing assures success like preparing well in advance.

Vegan snack chili
  • baked beans
  • eggplant
  • zucchini
  • salsa
  • olive oil (do not use virgin or extra virgin)
  • salt or vinegar to taste ( I did not use)
  • naan

Heart happy foods!
  • hawthorn
  • oats
  • alcohol

Zucchini cold salad.

So simple and best of all, it needs to marinate. Counter or fridge, doesn’t mater.

The recipe calls for basic pickling preserves without all the bite and all the flavor. Shelf life is five weeks and counting.

Freezer friendly breakfasts.

I’m exhausted but I finally have results.
Today, I have finished one of my recipes and tested in the kitchen.

1RL has gotten 7 cheers on this goal.


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