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take a creative writing class

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Sort of close

I’m signing up to take an online Fiction class to fulfill my elective requirements for school. It’s supposed to teach me how to interpret and learn how to write fiction, should be interesting and somewhat helpful.

Something old I found collecting dust ..

I wrote it on 2-13-03.

Vacancy to Ecstacy

I have a vacancy for ecstacy
Do you have what it takes to fill me up to capacity
I’m open 24 hours so there is no need to look any further
Once you have stopped here it doesn’t get any better

Do you need a place to lay your head
I want to make your stay here one you will never forget
When you slip in your key, it glides in with ease
Like it was meant for just you, such a perfect fit

Your inside my walls now and I control your every move
effortlessly you make your rounds as if you have been here before
you explore every inch of your surroundings in such a delicate way

It makes me wonder if this is what you’ve been missing a place to call home
But being a man I know you like to roam
You tell me that your hungry, but there’s no room service tonight
But I have plenty for you to eat to satisfy your appetite

I’ve swtiched the sign to “full” because I know your here to stay
anyone else looking for vacancies will just have to find another location today.


I need help with developing characters and plots. This will be my biggest challenge starting a novel. I have tons of ideas but relaying them to paper in a orderly and correct fashion will be the task.

It's the meat

of one of my ultimate dreams to write a book. I need to get on the ball plus I need to take an elective class to fulfill my requirements to graduate so I can kill two birds with one stone .. I’m off to sign up .. woohoo

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