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do a cleanse

4 cheers


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its getting easier

i can go a few hours between massive vegetable feedings… and i’m getting creative with my veggies. either this cleanse has made my tastebuds totally whack, or broccoli coconut soup is damn yummy.

but sugar, oh sugar, how i miss you so!

all in my head?

i’m starving… i want carbs!

its crazy because it’s only been 2 meals, and i went to the grocery store yesterday and loaded up on all the yummy things i can eat. i made a sundried tomato and basil pesto (sadly, no pinenuts allowed) that i ate yesterday on top of my wilted greens and poached egg. this morning i made a steamed egg with scallions and ate it with tomato slices with fresh ground pepper and sea salt. i even cheated and had a piece of sprouted whole grain toast.

unfortunately, candida isn’t a totally vegetarian friendly cleanse because they allow you to eat a variety of “natural” “free range” and “grass fed” meat proteins, but no tofu or soy products are allowed. so the only protein i can have is my free range organic eggs. and i don’t know how many eggs i can really eat a day without dying of cholesterol.

but seriously, i’m eating a lot. its weird how we are psychologically hungry and full based on what we perceive completes a meal and really makes us satisfied.

started today

my friend actually asked me to do the candida cleanse with her out of the blue.

2 weeks of veggies and veggies and more veggies coming my way. i’m already hungry just thinking about it.

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