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Save money, not waste money!

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almost ready to mark this as done.
in six months i have paid of my car, maintained paying board and phone bills, had a social life… kinda :P and saved 8000 towards my round the world trip. that i leave to go on in two weeks. i mastered the art of not spending, but still having just as much fun. i admit i wasted money occassionally still, when you feel emotional a big night on the town seems essential and nothing else matters. but i worked hard enough that it didnt matter if i did that occassionally.

i need

to make a budget (again) and sort out my tax… but that means admitting how much money i have wasted over the course of the year!
but it must be done.
and ASAP

my aim is to have all the money for the courses i want to do next year saved up by the end of this year, so that i can save all of my money earnt throughout summer break towards my university fees…
hehehe have just talked to my dad. he is an accountant and will help me out :D he is going to take charge of my tax things, hoorah!, and i have arranged with him to organise a budget with me at the end of the year. i just have to manage my accounts til the end of the year. and then he will re-assess with me at the beginning of next year :)
how exciting :D

this is important

i waste so much money. usually on food, of buying coffee for people. i have a tendency to tell people ‘this ones on me’ the problem is… its more than one, and they add up!

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