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Convince my friend not to commit suicide


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Aflyer has written 3 entries about this goal

She's Out of the G-building

She came out Friday nite, and the great thing is that she called me the morning of to tell me she was leaving that day. I was glad to hear from her and I was glad to know she was happy to hear from me. Her voice sounded different but that prolly b/c she hadn’t been talking much while she was there for 4 days. We were laughing on the phone and she even spoke sum gibberish (for the explicit information) while telling me wut was going on there. She said she was one of the 9 girl there, and 5 of them were lesbians. Right then I said, “Where do I sign up?!” I was gonna go to her house today, but I’m not too sure I’m in the mood. We’ll see

The Psychiatric Ward

Sheena is in King’s County Hospital on account of depression. NOw wut to do? Wut can I do as a friend to help her get better? The sad part is that I kinda wish I was her. That depression and miserable attitude is wut I’m use to and have almost grown attach to. I would like to see her, but I’m afraid that prolly wont let me in. And then another part of me is jealous, on account of all those times I was depressed and wanted to kill myself, but still I had to go to skool. Still I had to live a normal life with thoughts of self hatred and self destruction wandering around in my head. Why does she get so much attention?! That right there would make me want to kill myself.


Love her too much to just let her go.


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