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Really look at people and see them if only for a second or two.

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The picture is fuzzy.

trying to remember his face in detail can sometimes be difficult. I think I am going to pull out all the old photo albums of when i was growing up and look at them. Not just to remember his face but maybe to see somethign new in the faces of my family members.

the question would be???

did you learn anything from this experience?

I wuld have to say, yes. I have always just automatically assumed people were better than me, I think that this goal has helped me to see that most people are the same as me. They have thier issues, they are insecure about something in thier life, they have thier confidences too, good and bad traits.

I tried to not make this a goal of analyzing and judging people but more one of just seeing them. I accomplished this and will try to stop and take that moment every time I meet somebody new.

just two days left on this goal

will I really see something different? I wonder.

I am seeing people

I have been looking at them for a long time but never saw them. I really looked at many of these people and I think I have learned a lot by taking a moment and really looking. I think this has helped with my self-esteem issue of putting people on a pedestal, being on even keel with them, I see them for what they are and also see me more for what I am.



My daughter would tell me that I analyze too much, conversations, statements, feelings, relationships, people. I don’t look at it as analying, I look at it as learning. Learning and why people think the way they do or act the way they do, are even better, react. What make you feel this way and I feel that about the same situation.

Perhaps my true calling is sociology or communication, or a mix of both.

on a different note

I have changed jobs a lot in the last 3 years which is not ususally my style but frankly I have to say, I have learned more about people during that time than any other in my life. It may have not done my retirement savings any good but it did open my mind up to new ideas through all the individuals I have met.

eye contact, eye contact

this is the most important thing you can do to connect with all those faces you see everyday. Next is a smile. :)

am I doing this?

do I see what I wasnt to see, or do I really try to find the other part of people that shows on thier face beyond thier words? I am trying.


I plan on doing this conciously for the next 28 days and since it is Feb 1st, it should be easy to keep track. I am looking for expressions, emotions on thier face, a gesture that is indicative of thier feelings. I will look to know them and feel them for that moment. I am excited about this one.

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