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be my best friend

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She has written 8 entries about this goal

It means

focusing more on my potential and exploring my possibilities, rather than worrying about my limitations.

This week I have

successfully dealt with stress, taken care of my family in a particularly scary situation, and stood up for something I believe when two people I care about were strongly against it. I was my own source of support, and it felt good.

Taking care of myself

Boring evening, husband was working late, son was asleep. Instead of lying in bed watching TV as I usually do, I did some exercise (for the first time in about 10 days), got rid of some clutter, took a nice hot shower and then used a few those nice skin products that promise to make you look better pretty soon (I didn’t even remember I had them).

It feels good to relax and pamper myself for a little while.

Bouncing back

because life is too short, and “almost lonely” isn’t “lonely”. Honestly, I can’t afford to be feeling down anymore.

A few hours ago I was happy

then one conversation makes me feel misunderstood by the world. I am probably overreacting by feeling this overwhelming loneliness right now. Can’t help it now.
Tomorrow is a new day…

Be resilient

I need to work on that to be my best friend. I’m glad it is something that can be developed!

Being my best friend

1. Taking time to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family.
2. Not letting a certain ghost haunt me again.


Wow, less than one minute after I added this goal I got my first cheer for it. :) Thanks Deni!!

This is now my number one goal for 3 resons:
1. Being my best friend means taking good care of me (in many aspects) and making myself happy. A happy Myself will be more open and more prepared to make a positive difference in other people’s lives and in the world. It is not a selfish goal.
2. I could certainly use a very good friend now, why not consider me, my own self, for the job?
3. I realize many of my problems exist first inside my head, because I judge myself and I wouldn’t be this hard on my best friend.

Wish me luck, friends :)

She has gotten 32 cheers on this goal.


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