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Christmas was better than I thought,

and it was the first GOOD Christmas in years. :)

Two years ago

I was in labor and chatting on 43things before the pain became almost unbearable, LOL.
Those have been the best two years of my life so far. :) Being a mother is both challenging and rewarding, and I’m very luck to have such a wonderful sweet person as my son.

Let the celebrations begin

I threw myself a surprise party today, hehehehe. I called my brother and asked him to meet me at my parents’ place. Then I showed up with a cake, lots of finger food, drinks, and surprised everyone with an unexpected birthday celebration for me! It was fun.

Happy 2009 everyone!

I hope we all have many reasons to celebrate life next year. Love, light and blessings.


Myself wishes she could go to bed and stay there for weeks


my 8th wedding anniversary. Time flies!!!


My son’s birthday party was the best celebration I’ve been to. Everybody enjoyed it, including him. :)


to my son’s birthday party. I didn’t think I’d be so tired planning a simple party. Too many details! I’m afraid I will be too tired to enjoy it. :(

Brazilian Valentine's day in on the corner

It’s this Thursday and I haven’t planned anything yet.

Rainy day

Perfect weather to stay in and have lunch with family and friends.

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