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Write a thank you note a day.

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I'm going to mark this as done

Because I made a tumblr page for it, so I know I’ll update it every day.


Dear Dad,

Thank you for buying bagels, so I can wake up to a yummy breakfast.



Dear Bed,

Thank you for embracing me in your comforting arms after I slept on the couch all night.



Dear Afternoon Nap,

Thanks for refreshing me after my lack of sleep in the past couple of days.

Hope to meet again soon,


Dear Fruit Smoothies,

Thank you for being the best thing ever. You fill me up so I’m not hungry, are packed with vitamins, AND you taste good. What more could I ask for.

Your Fan,


Dear Radio,

Thanks for playing “Animals” by Neon Trees both when I was driving to school and on my way back home. You got me in a better mood.

Much Love,

This site inspired me.

I think this could be a very creative project to do. It can be either really serious or silly, depending on the day. And who knows, it could spark me to write something else.

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