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Going out.

I definitely think I’ve progressed significantly at this goal. I’m spending more time with friends and I’m starting to come out of my shell and feel more comfortable in new social situations, as opposed to before, where I would cancel an event/occasion if it was out of my “comfort zone”. And it’s proving to be fun and making my days more interesting (although my wallet is a little sad haha).

I am so close to marking this as done. I think I’ll keep it on here for a little while more, just to make sure I continue with the progress :)

I love bookstores <3

So, yesterday and today I have been going to a bookstore, grabbing a book, sitting on a comfy couch, and reading for hours. It is probably the most relaxing thing ever. Love the atmosphere and everything, and it just feels good to get out :D

fun =]

So I went to the mall with my friend yesterday and had soooooo much fun. We saw this band called The Exotic Aquatic perform at Hot Topic. Then we went around shopping for a while, and were laughing a million times for a million reasons. And then we saw this guy wearing a really neon pink shirt so we were like “I like your shirt” and he turned out to be from another band called Freshman Sunday and told us they were going perform at a place right next to the mall, and although we didn’t go (because it was gonna start late), it was still awesome meeting them. By the time I got home, I just went straight to sleep. Overall awesome day =]

ive really

...progressed at this goal. I’ll probably count this as done soon.

Went to the mall...

...on friday with one of my friends. She invited me to a sleepover, which I’m not sure if I’m going to go to or not. But on Saturday I went to NY with my family. Fun weekend.

talent show

Went to the school talent show. It was the first school function that I have been to. I had so much fun!!!! Omg, it was amazing. I actually lost my voice, because I screamed and cheered so much. My favorite act was this band that did a cover of “Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste” by Norma Jean. I think they should have won. The kid had an amazing screamo voice.

i went to the mall

...on Black Friday with my friend. it was the first time I went to the mall since August. I had fun. must do it more often.

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