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give more to charity

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Give Charity

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Support Bible Translation

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Giving to charity

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and again

I bought a few things from the oxfam shop, I put thehungersite.com as my startpage and I donated som money to wateraid. I think I am going to put this goal as done, because I do it a lot now, without even thinking about it. I won’t stop doing it, I just don’t need to be reminded anymore.

Giving to charity has become second nature to me :)

small is better than nothing

I went to the charity shop and handed in some books I finished reading, and I bought a few cards. So simple, yet making a small difference.

charity holiday cards

I bought all my christmas cards from a charity shop, both this christmas and last, and I am very happy to see that most of the cards I have recieved has been charity cards too :)
The more people that buy them, the bigger a difference it actually makes. And they are often really pretty too.


I’ve just sorted out a monthly donation form to cancer research. Not for a very big amount, but as it is monthly it will build up in time. I’m a student and can’t afford to give that much, but better little than nothing :)

I try to give to charity as much and as often as I can, but I’ll never consider this goal complete….you can always give more.


I just registered my interest in being a race/event volunteer for cancer research, and I’m also thinking about offering to do volunteer work in one of their shops once a week.
I’ve signed a petition to try and do something about global warning today too.

What did you do today?

On the way

I’ve just donated a bit of money to a charity and I went to the cancer research shop yesterday and bought christmas cards and a few other things. I’m a student, so haven’t got that much money to spend…but I’m getting there, and I really want to do so much more. Maybe I could volunteer somewhere?

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