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stop obsessing


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on the way

I’m not nearly as obsessive anymore…I didn’t really do much about it; I just realised I couldn’t handle the obsessive worrying (most of it based on my own interpretations of my future as I imagined it – way out of realistic proportion and mostly made up in a very pessimistic way), I just had to calm down and trust myself, life, my relationships. And so I did. Worrying was not going to get me anywhere, it’s not productive, and it was nothing but bad for my self-esteem, feelings, relationships. I’m good enough and I can’t forsee the future. No point in spending my time on obsessive worrying.

I haven’t stopped obsessing completely but it’s not taking over my brain anymore, I can stop it in the tracks when it starts…it’s such a relief.

stupid brain

I still obsess way too much…I do know it’s not all about me, that not everything is down to how I look and that not everyone spends their time caring about what I’m up to. I know I don’t have to impress everyone I ever meet in every way and that not everything people say or do has anything to do with me. Still, sometimes my brain gets into overdrive and actually believes it’s all about me.
Stupid brain.


I really want to stop obsessing…no actuallty, I NEED to… I’m obsessing about everything and anything, particularly other people’s opinion of me. It’s annoying, not productive and it often gets me into thought patterns that just make me feel bad about myself and upset.

But how do I do it?


I want to:
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