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Looking Back... was it worth it?

This was something from a while back in my life, six years now actually. I started tagging at 12 and qut when I moved back with my father at 14. It was fun, but looking back on it, I know the cost to clean it all up; the money people spent having to layer their drive ways, paint their sheds/houses again, et cetra.

Don’t get me wrong, doing the art side is well worth it if you’re doing something where it doesn’t harm any one; tagging buildings and private walls is another thing. If you’re tagging for a gang, or just to upset “the man,” or for pure rebellion, then you’re off key with all this. It’s art, expression, and in a strange way, a form of meditation.

But if anyone has questions, I wasn’t half bad back when I did it. I’d be willing to give pointers on the art side of this; how to make it stand out, color blending, and spray patterns. And if anyone has the intention of doing some serious art, I’ll give a couple ideas on tricks we took from an art class on how to make larger images much smoother when making the initial outline.


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