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Lose 15 lbs before my birthday


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AMRandall has written 8 entries about this goal

spin spin spin

Gone to class a few times now – thinking about doing it 3X a week. Mon/Wed/Fri would be really nice. And then perhaps doing the weight training class on the opposite days. I don’t know – but I am falling in love with going to the gym. Hope to make more of an effort to do it more than once a day – and at least everyday. I can feel the difference in so many ways. I drink more water, I sit up straighter, I have a better attitude, I do not get sleepy in the afternoon, I avoid unhealthy foods (sometimes) and feel motivated to keep on going back to the gym. I can see that little bikini body in me somewhere – just have to chisel down and find it!!

cycle faster?

HOLY BAGEEBERS! There is no feeling like making it through your first cycle class at 6am on a Wednesday morning. Joined a new gym today – a community center – that offers some awesome classes. I think this will really pick me up and get me on the workout band wagon. Plus, I drank a lot more water today and was more conscoius about what I had for lunch. All in all – I’m on an upswing.


Looked into joining a 6am spin class today. Am thinking of just DOING it tomorrow and seeing if I like it. What do I have to lose? WEIGHT. haha that’s a good one!

focus focus focus

Need to do this because the feeling inside regarding my weight is killing me. Its making me sick just thinking about how far I have let myself go.


I need to work on this goal. My pants do not fit the way they used to. Getting embarassing. :(


Went for a really good walk yesterday around Round Lake. :) Plan on doing another walk today.

walking it off

Today I am going to start walking – 30 minutes a day. Don’t care when or where – but TODAY I start walking – towards my goal. haha how cheesey was that!?

time to shape up

Getting older – and no need to get bigger….time to cut back, re-think how I eat, and learn to love working out. It is worth it!


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