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we are 100% debt-free. We use our savings and federal return to pay off the credit card. Around $4700 total. It felt like the right thing to do. Now we only have $2300 in savings, but at least the debt is gone.

State tax refund

applied to credit card today. Also added another $200. Fingers crossed we can stick to our budget this month so we can add another $150 before March 1. Still waiting for Federal refund. If all goes well, the card will be down to just a bit over $3000.

Current plan

is to apply tax refunds directly to the credit card balance. That will bring it down to $3300. Finished taxes this weekend so hopefully the money will come this week.

Changes again

Sometimes it feels like 1 step forward and 2 steps backward.

November was a tough month financially. Both cars had multiple mechanical issues. For over 5 weeks we were juggling both cars back and forth to the mechanic. It resulted in a new gas tank, new water pump, new hoses, and a bit more. The final damage brought our VISA back up to $5,000.

We did learn that the ‘83 Volvo will not be fixed again. Our lovely mechanic gave her the death sentence. Next breakdown means junkyard, which means 200 big buckaroos for us. We’ve already decided that when the time comes, we will not purchase another car. We will get bikes and go back to 1 car. I think overall, this is a blessing in disguise.

Until then, we are hoping old grey bomb can keep running for a while longer. Fingers crossed…

So much has changed

with this goal. We paid off my student loans (thanks to the generosity of my folks) and paid off the card we took out to use during my maternity leave with P.

Not we have just about $2500 on our VISA to get paid off.

I would LOVE to start out 2014 free of debt.

Maternity Plan

Transferred $3,000 to new card and am trying to pay off old one as we use it.

Still going...

Visa is getting picked away slowly. Still have a balance of $2,667.63.

$3,782 left

I feel like this Visa will never get paid off…


Chipping away at it.
Balance: $4,933.13

Feels great to be under the $5,000 mark. And we haven’t used it in several months.

Making Progress

We’ve successfully lived within our projected budget for 3 months now. With the upcoming move, we are looking to make a huge shift that could potentially allow us to save money more quickly and reasonably buy a house in 5 years. Really? Before I’m 40?

One step at a time.

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