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snack less

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AOK has written 10 entries about this goal

Feeling successful with this

and going to take it off the list. It will be there if I need to add it in the future.

Good day

without snacking. I really wanted to have an afternoon snack and I have noticed that when afternoon comes I have these mental battles. So ridiculous!

Last night

I caved and snacked after dinner. By the time I went to bed I was feeling pretty horrible.

Today I ate too much at lunch and am feeling so bloated. Lunch was almost 3 hours ago! I am craving something sweet. I am going to make a cup of tea instead.

Great start

to the week. Sunday and Monday were snack-free. I did have strawberries and apple peels yesterday for a morning snack.

I am feeling better.


ended up okay with not snacking. I was successful, but didn’t feel much better. The one-week challenge ended and though I have made progress, I still want to keep this up. Again, I am making this a challenge goal for this week. The idea is to cut out all snacking between meals, unless it is fresh fruit/veg.

Woke up

this morning and was not feeling so well about snacking. Yesterday afternoon I swore myself off of any granola and then ended up having some fruit, rice crackers, and licorice. Not a very good idea.

Today, I am really trying to focus on how I am feeling. Am I really hungry when I want to eat? I am struggling to get my water in too.

All that aside, I am snack-free so far today. I have some strawberries with me as backup, but I think I can make it through to dinner.

Last night

I did have a little mini bowl of corn chips prior to bed. I just couldn’t take it! I did not snack between meals during the day, however. I think overall it was a good day.

Great day

so far. Only some dried fruit and an asian pear as a snack prior to lunch. No afternoon snacks.

I ate some

nuts/dried fruit before lunch and some carrots, celery, and apple this afternoon. Doing okay so far.


this has become a bigger issue. My exercise habits are okay and my food choices are okay. I am gaining weight, however, and my guess is that it is due to my snacking. After school is the toughest time. It’s worked well this past week to eat fruit for a morning snack and I think I can cut out the afternoon snack altogether. Fruit or veggies as an afternoon snack isn’t so bad either, I guess.

Also, I am munching on cereal, crackers, chips, etc. after dinner and that needs to stop. I will try to be conscious in my choices this week. One week is reasonable and I should be able to reach it. So far this morning I have had my oatmeal and tea and no snacks!

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