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Need to check FSA balance and see what else I can afford to fix

I put $5k into a flexible spending account this year; knowing I’d need it for the dental work, eyeglasses & routine healthcare stuff.

I need to figure out how much is left, and see about scheduling any final dental work for the year.

Another dentist appointment today

Semi-annual cleaning, and repairing what is hopefully the last cavity. Yay!

Dentist appointment yesterday = another issue resolved

The good thing about continuing to go to the dentist is that I’m slowly losing my dread of it. I’m also taking better care of my teeth – flossing more often, rinsing with antibacterials, etc.

Yesterday, he replaced an old filling and added a bit more material to give “better contact” between those two teeth. I felt the difference at supper last night – far less food got stuck (I know, ewwww) and it did not hurt to chew on that side.

My next appointment is this coming Wednesday.

appointment postponed due to work

I had an appointment to get the final cavity fixed yesterday, but had to reschedule due to work issues. The new appointment is at the end of April, so this goal – while getting closer – is still not quite completed.

only 1 more cavity to fix!

It’s hard to believe but I have only one cavity left to fill! This is nearly complete :)

getting closer to complete

The crown wasn’t ready yesterday, but I did get two fillings finished.

A large part of the “root issue” is that most of my old amalgam fillings have cracked or deteriorated over the decades, which then allows decay underneath. Drilling out the old silver and fixing the new cavity, then replacing it with composite, is time consuming and expensive – but it will be well worth it to have a completely clean and sound set of teeth!

My next appointment is 3/2.

2/23 another crown & 3 more cavities

Today’s appointment will take care of installing a crown & fixing more cavities.

It feels like this will never end!

cleaning completed; loose crown removed 2/5

So, once again the hygenist said my teeth were amazingly clean.

And once again I have more cavities. Bleh.

I did get the dentist to explore the area that was particularly – at least to me – gross tasting (and oh so embarassing to worry about breath issues!). Turns out the crown there was completely loose, as was the post – so bacteria were getting underneath and fermenting. EWWWW!

He removed the crown, replaced the post with a carbon fiber version, and did a preliminary build up. Full crown will go in on Monday.

At least I don’t have that disgusting taste – or the secret fear that my breath is offensive – any longer.

Next appointment: 2/5

This will be a semi-annual cleaning as well as filling more cavities.

5 more cavities fixed

I had two appointments with the dentist last week, and got 3 small and 2 large cavities fixed. Slowly but surely, this is coming along.

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