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If I have the goal of keeping in touch more often with the people who are important to me… then clearly I’m challenged by maintaining the relationships I already have. Having a goal to meet more like minded people, then, seems out of priority.

game day = successful

I felt a little shy going to the “open board game day” at Dr. No’s store, but it was worth the moments of awkwardness. I ended up staying to observe one & play 2 more games; while I’m not sure if any of the people I met would be “like minded” in multiple areas, we at least shared one interest and I had a good time.

I’ll definitely be going back again.

Getting Started: Board Game Day at a local store

Logic dictates that the optimal way to meet like minded people is to go out and do things I love to do. The people also doing these things would, logically, have at least one thing in common with me.

So, I’m going to Dr. No’s Comic & Game store this afternoon for their open board game play. I may be the only person over 40; I may be the only girl. No way to know unless I go!

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