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Post pics of things i own from a bygone era

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Dancing Girl

Photo postcard of a dancing girl in white.

Sid Jeffery

At unknown location


Its probably not safe to assume this is a girl, am sure they used to dress boys the same.

"for king and country"

From a photo postcard cut to fit album, looks a lot like Daniel Craig to me lol, seriously though i need to do some proper research into WWI military uniforms.

What Happened to Harold?

Album inscription “Harold & Esther” (left) & Esther as an older lady (right).

Unnamed Group

Three dapper chaps, one in WWI uniform.

Unnamed Portrait

Portrait cut from photo postcard, reverse suggests possibly French.

Unnamed Nurse

Unnamed nurse somewhere by the sea, this was with another photo which was printed in Scarborough so possible Yorkshire coast connection.

Military Group

Three military gents posing in front of truck, its first world war but dont know enough about military uniform to determin rank, the truck on the other hand…

Unnamed Portrait

Victorian Lady in hat, Cut from a photo postcard, the reverse shows it was processed by “Gale’s Studios” and boasts “Branches Everywhere” i am assuming that means everywhere within the british empire.

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