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I think this is worth it...

if you do this responsibly. My mind is on an exercise goal right now, so I’ll have to exercise daily (if not, as close to daily as possible) to reach it. It’s very important to me and also I need to do this to honor a promise I made to a friend, too.

Day 14 of 14:

I’m sick with a sinus infection, I fianlly went to the doctor today and that’s the reason for my not feeling very well. So, I will be doing stretching yet again! :(

I hope that I’ll get better soon and be able to resume most of my regular workout soon.

Day 10 through 13 out of 14:


I am hoping to do some of my main workout again starting tomorrow. The reason I went back to stretching is that I pulled a muscle and that’s the reason I’ve been sore seemingly forever.

Day 4 through 9 out of 14:

Days 4 through 7- stretching
Day 8- crunches
Day 9- stretching, aerobic exercises, crunches, 3-mile run/walk

Day 2 and 3 of 14:

Stretching. I’m starting to realize how much I really do need to be exercising every day just by doing these stretches. I’ve got a lot of tension that I need to work out!

Day 1 of 14


Time to dust this goal off!

I am aiming for 2 weeks solid of exercise in some form. Last night, I did some aerobic exercise.

I took most of October off from this goal, so now it’s defintely time to resume it. I have health insurance again, and I have no excuses for not doing it like I should any more. The only thing is I’m still really tired a lot. But, a lot of that is my fault for how late I tend to stay up.

Time to get serious about this goal!

Sunday through today...

I did exercise. I promise this is helping ensure I get regular sleep! It’s tiring me out!!!

This goal has been difficult to keep at lately.

I’m letting excuses pile up too much, even for me. I think my whirling sadness made it easy for that to do, and then my knee has been giving me problems.

So yesterday I did some stretching, to make my body get into the routine again of doing something. Today, my sister wanted to go running, and that is going to be something that I have to do eventually as part of my exercise plan anyway. So, I bit the bullet and just did it. So, I did my regular workout, extra crunches and my walk/run. I walked 2 miles and ran .5 mile.

I think what I really need right now are some small victories in my goals, because I am getting overwhelmed with them. I need to do this, but I think if I do it for two weeks, then I’ll have established the rythym of exercising daily again.

Day 8...

is completed.

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