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Get a UK driving licence

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Well, I did not get it this time :-(

Well, I did not succeed in this one this time. I had 3 drivers errors (out of 15 allowed on minor errors) one of which was a bad observation. Coming out of a junction early that caused me to slow a car coming behind me which is a good reason to fail the test.It is what it is.

I booked an other test and found a new driving instructor too. The one I had spoke too much personal stuff during my lessons. He did not have breakfast at early lessons and talked about how hungry he was an all that stuff. Answered his incoming phone calls while he was teaching me which at one point I said ohh I put my mobile phone on silent during my lessons. He completely ignored what I was trying to say. On the top of that he finished one lesson 20 minutes earlier one day saying saying that he’d make it up on the following lesson then he made an excuse at two following lessons. That we did not make it up of that 20 minutes time whatsoever. Thinking of it that his personal talks and that 20 minutes he wasted too much of my time and my money – probably a good 1 1/2 hours altogether.

Sometimes I am struggling to understand people like him. The two hours of lessons is probably is equal to a average guys daily wage and they do not want to give %100 percent in their jobs! This is a very expensive business and I will not let unprofessional people waste my hard earning money and my valuable time.

So here it goes. He won’t get no more money off of me and no way I would recommend him to anyone!

I am nearly ready for my test

Today I had an other driving lesson and for the first time after 10 hours of lessons I felt I am ready for my test. I am not a learner as I have a driving licence from back home and had my own car for many years in my twenties. But I am finding this difficult “do not hit the kerb rule” when you are reversing to left manoeuvre. But today I had a couple of attempts of this manoeouvre and both went well. I have two more lessons before my test on Tuesday so this should get even better.

I think I am a good driver and can drive safely and confidently. And I know what I should be doing like;

Spot on with my speed limits.

My three points turns are good whether at a narrow road or a wide one.

Parallel parking and bay parkings are okay too.

And the roundabouts, I have made a good progress as I was finding a bit difficult to deal with them here since we drive on the left side of the road here in the UK which is what I am not used to. But I am okay with it all now.

So I am happy. Just need to study show me tell me bit now. And keep calm and be confident during the test. ( Hate tests, exams etc though! )

Postponed my test date

I postponed my test date from early July to early August. I just did not have enough time to get prepared for the test date and also wanted to change the test centre for various reasons. I am taking driving lessons now and looks like I am doing alright. I hope I pass it after making so much effort and spending so much money on the lessons as the lessons are expensive. Do not wanna think about it but I’d be gutted if I fail over a stupid mistake like touching the kerb while parking!

Anyhow, we’ll see.

Oh.. I wanted to mention about the car I am practising now is Ford Focus. Here I attach a photo of it. I have always liked fords. They are good, comfortable and economic cars. This one is absolutely perfect for a woman. Very easy to drive. Not too small inside and not too big outside.

Infact I hate driving

I have a test booked early July. I had my driving licence in my country 20 years ago. But that is no good here. Infact I hate driving and I do not need to drive in London but I still want to get this done as we drive to Lake District, Paris or to Amsterdam when we are really bored of London with my fiance and incase there is a need during these times I can go behind the wheel.

I hope I pass without any difficulty.

Anyway we shall see.

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