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Get UK's absolute decree of divorce recognised under the law of my home country

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I am now officially single

I got my finalised decision issued by the court last week. I got a divorce in the UK in July 2007 but without this recognition I was still tied. It took 3 years and 8 months. And now it feels so good. This is the best time of the year to get this done as well. New beginnings and a new chapter starts in my life in the new year.

I am so proud of myself as well. I was strong enough during this long, frustrating and annoying at times procedure. Plus I got this done without hiring a solicitor. Not sure if this saved me money with flight tickets and all. But at least I had the control of it. I could check the process of the file and all. I am so very happy right now.

Now, I have lots to do about obtaining my maiden surname. And get my I.D. card. driving licences x 2, passport, bank accounts, national insurance etc etc. get changed. This will take a while though. As I have multiple citizenship. Need to start getting all of these docs done at my home country first.

Happy days :-)

Finally I got the newspaper

What a painful procedure this entire publishing the notice it has been. I was angry with myself for being so careless and angry with the solicitor’s dishonesty and taking time to delay to deliver the newspaper to me. But I finally have the newspaper. I have one more and last thing to do. That is to take this to the court and get my recognition of divorce.

Problems, mistakes with advertising the divorce notice and I feel drained now :-(

I contacted to the same solicitor who dealt with advertising “serving divorce notice” in the newspaper last time. Since I don’t live there (in his home country) I need someone to buy the newspaper and send me the copy of it. Otherwise I could’ve advertised and pay the cost of it online by just dealing with the newspaper. Anyhow, I asked if he is interested in helping with publishing “divorce notice” this time and if yes how much would the cost of advertising and sending it to me with dhl or tnt be? He saw what needed to be advertised and wanted 200 euros. I transferred the money straight away and the same week he sent me the tnt track no. But this time I didn’t get see of the ad on the newspaper before the newspaper was published as last time. What they do is that the newspaper prepare the ad for you and send it to you to see how it looks like where and what page it goes on etc. Anyhow, the newspaper arrives. His name is mentioned 3 times on the notice but misspelt twice on the notice!

First thing I did was to check my document to see if the mistake was done by myself. And yes it was! How annoying it is that I e-mailed this over there without checking his names! This was my priority last time and the newspaper made a mistake with it but I got the chance to correct it then. Because, like I said above the newspaper sent the demo of it via this solicitor for me to see it before it was published. And I had a chance to get this corrected (not my fault the newspapers was) before it was published!

Now, with this one the mistake started at the court actually. They typed his name as Antony instead of Anthony! 1 letter mistake. And after I got the notice from the court I took it to the translation office when I was home and got the translation done on the same day. I didn’t see the mistakes again when I read the translation. And I didn’t notice it when I got the translation approved at the notary. I didn’t read it when I sent it to the solicitor again. Missed correcting the mistake how many times!? 4 times!!!! No deny that I made a huge mistake. On the other hand though it was suspicious that this solicitor didn’t send me demo of this ad before it was published like he did last time! Since it was the mistake made by me what rights do I have here?

But I decided to contact him anyway. I asked him if he received the demo from the newspaper before publication? Wasn’t I supposed to see it before it published like last time I said? And if he did not notice the mistakes? Uh-ha… he says I got done what you requested to be published! And no answer to my questions openly though! It was so obvious then he noticed it but cheeky man with no morals chose to do it this way. I said to him the only chance I had to correct this mistake was taken away from me. And what his opinion on this was?

The result is that he agreed this to be republished at his cost but has been making excuses one after another. It has been 3 weeks since. I lost sleep over this last night. First thing in the morning I sent him a nice e-mail saying that how time consuming and frustrating this has been. All I expected was an excellent service and feel like I was duped. If he won’t do it he should say it so I make new arrangements to make this go forward. And said that he needs to let me know by the end of today so I know what is what.

In the mean time I am trying to remember to stay calm. See what he says but if he doesn’t send me the track number of the shipment by Monday than I am planning to ask for a refund or at least some of what I paid should be paid back.

Now though need to stop thinking about this. I should not allow this to ruin my week end. No matter what I am so close to finishing this process.

Good News will be advertised :-)

My UK absolute decree of divorce is finally recognised by the court of my home country. I first went to the court in April 2010 for my absolute decree of divorce to be recognised and after so much of difficulties mainly caused by bureaucracy I have got there in September 2013.

But there is one more thing to do before I am completely done with this. That is to advertise this recognition on the newspaper. And place this newspaper with the ad to the court and that’s it. Then this will be really good news. It is like good news to advertise :-)

Happy days. And well done me for being strong, determined and patient during this long process.

Court is postponed because the apostille has not been translated

The judge said he had questions about my absolute decree. He said he didn’t see where the absolute decree was issued and by which court and in which country. And he said that couldn’t see where the word “divorce” was mentioned on it. He wants word of “divorce” on it rather than absolute decree. I explained it to him that absolute decree means divorce in the UK.

Then I had a look at the absolute decree while I was there to show him where the other details were. When I got these docs translated in the past the translator didn’t translate the bottom of the page where the full details of the court name and address is. And most importantly right at the end of the page it says “Decree of Absolute (Divorce)” with the smallest font. The D word was right there.

And the apostille at the end of my absolute decree has not been translated. If this was done where all the of these details were on it the court would move one step forward to recognise my divorce this time.

Now I need to get the apostille translated and take it back to court. They gave me a date in mid July but it is impossible for me to fly there now it is summer. The flight tickets at this time of the year with such short distance are extremely expensive. I got a date for September to get this done. In September if there is not any other problem the court will announce my divorce to be published by newspaper and give me a new date. If he does not get to the court by this new date my divorce in the UK will be recognised. I am assuming this will be finished early in January.

I am getting closer to the happy end with minor delays. At least it is something I can manage to get done.

Good news for a change - Court decided to serve the divorce petition by publication

I want to say on facebook but of course not. It will be on a newspaper. And I will be busy to find out a newspaper that would advertise this. I might actually find and contact a family law solicitor to get this done for me and ask them to send me the original copy of the newspaper. This would be the easiest way as there are some translations to be done too. I guess I deserve this little treat after all of the difficulties I have been facing to finalise this over the years.

We split up 9 years ago. I divorced him the UK in 2007. To get this recognised in my home country I opened Recognition and Enforcement suit 3 1/2 years ago. And I had lots of difficulties thorught out the whole process. He made everything so difficult and that has been exteremly costly. I can gladly say that when this is all done it will be a big release from which I thought was never going to happen!

Right next court date is at the end of June. And I am hoping to be done with whole procss by the end of this year.

Happy Me :-)

Feeling hopeless and depressed about this

This is not going anywhere. Called the court this week and they said that they have not got a reply from his consulate yet. What? After 1 and half years of correspondance you don’t hear from that?! That is weird. There is somethign wrong about this!

I feel low and hopeless about this but I will get stronger and think what I should/can do next.

My ex father in law at the gym

I keep seeing him at the gym. We sometimes pass each other. But I can’t ask him his son’s address. He wouldn’t be a help I know. He is as bad as his son.

Offf offf.

This is annoying me too much now. Damn bureaucracy and the staff working at the court who are not doing their jobs well are delaying this to go any forward. I am so fed up with it all I am even thinking off coming off of their citizenship!

The thing is in what country such case goes on for so long? This is not the only thing bothers me. I am furious with my family that none of them offer me a little help. They all live 20 minutes away from the court. It’s so so easy for them to pop to the court and check my file regularly so the stupid staff do not put my file away and leave things without being chased!

Need to calm down and think what I can do next. But need a good cry right now :-(

Next court date is in May'12

I had to go to court in January. No news from the Consulate and I was given a new court date in May. I went home last week and popped to the court to see my file. And there is still no news. I am so hopeless. I will have to think what I should do next.

Maybe I should write to the Consulate myself or write to some solicitors on the internet to ask for an advise.

It will be two years in April since I started with this at home. All that money spent on flight tickets, translations and notary could buy me a nice luxury holiday somewhere hot.

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