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control my depression

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Bach flower remedy

Using red chestnut, vine, pine, and woo cannot remember the name. It works to be positive.


Using remedies since w week ago . Aspen, white chestnut and olive. They’re working gradually. I’m happy for that.


Heavy heart. Fear. Fear of people at work. Fear for so tiny things. Feel myself worthless. I wish I could sleep all day long…..God…

Need find a new doctor

Well, I may need the medicine some of the times as I thought. Since there’s doctor’s harassment, where I used to go to the clinic, I need to find the new one. But I am sooo lazy to do it( prefer to be under the blanket).


I think I’m doing good but since I started to work at new spot I take sometimes pills which cannot be without recently.


I’m getting to know my limit which can make control my depression.


to laugh a lot and get sunshine as possoble I can.


Knowing my limit is important.


It has been rainning since yesterday.
It’s difficult when it rains…

control control control

control my depression
I can control my depression

Acco3 has gotten 27 cheers on this goal.


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