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make my house a home

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My Bedroom

Is almost done, it is awesome. When I finish in the next 2 weeks or so, I’ll post a picture. Basement and back yard on the radar.

Slowly but surely

My children’s rooms are almost done, my bedroom is next. Funny I spent all that time looking for a house to buy, then I move in and change stuff.


I was on FB tonight and one of my friends mentioned the house warming party I was going to have. I need to get my few projects done and have that party. Once I get friends streaming through here and create more happy memories it will feel like more like home.

I have to wonder though, should I have that party anyway? Before my projects are done.


I have this big arificial tree, I like it. I had it in front of a little window at one end of my couch. My mother and my ex-wife are over for my birthday telling me they don’t think it looks good. Going on about it, they hate each other and are bonding over this. (If I had a camera I’d post a picture, need to get a camera!) So I move it.

Next day, F-em. I move it back. MY HOME!!!!

Move is done!

Boxes are omnipresent (mostly stuffed in closets), rooms are in disarray. Stage one: A place for EVERYTHING, and everything in it’s place. Stage two: unleash the decorating machine that I am and decorate the place, as I see fit (and money permits). No Wife = No consulting, No compromising. Oh do I have visions bouncing around in my head. This is going to be fun. When I am done I will have a home.

It’s a race too, because I want a bigger happier family and that means a new women, with her ideas.

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